The highest building in the world

Guess where is the highest building in the world is easy. It could be build where there is no spare money for all sorts of records; know that it will increase the influx of tourists and have all the possibilities to impress your guests. A country called Dubai, and the building — the Burj Khalifa (Khalifa Tower). It is named in honor of President of UAE — Sheikh now existing.

Visiting the skyscraper, you’ll be in the sky – the height of 829 meters. The spire is visible at a distance of a hundred kilometers in any direction. And the difference in temperature between the first and last floor is 10 degrees.


The building has set 12 world records, the most interesting of which are: the highest observation deck (148-nd floor, 555 metres); the world’s highest restaurant (122nd floor); the largest indoor swimming pool (76th floor) and the highest mosque (158 floor). The intrigue is present all the 6 years of construction: architects kept secret the final height of the building to be able to make changes at any time, and competitors are not selected achieve. Was developed a special grade of concrete that can withstand temperatures up to 50 degrees (not uncommon for the UAE), which was zameshivanija only at night with ice. The main feature of concrete is that it can resist all kinds of tensile stress.

The tower is formed in the shape of a stalagmite and has 163 floors. In order to get from the first to the last, visitors will have to perform multiple transfers from one Elevator to another.


It is not just the highest building in the world, it’s a real city, in which many systems operate autonomously. Arrays of solar panels and 60-meter wind turbine makes Burj Khalifa energy self-sufficient building. Glass tinted thermal panels reduce the heating of the premises and the need for air conditioning.

On the square in 344 000 square meters, there are hotels, shops, offices and thousands of luxury apartments for millionaires. For the opportunity to observe the surroundings from a bird’s flight will have to pay 10 thousand dollars per square meter. The building cost $ 1.5 billion built in record time — from 2004 to 2010, when 12 thousand workers were built on several floors in a day.


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