The highest building in Moscow

In Soviet times, the most prestigious in the capital were flats on the fifth or seventh floor. Now the picture has changed, customers are assured that the higher is the living room, so it is prestigious. Everyone is trying to buy housing above. But lately, high-rise buildings are increasing, and to avoid confusion, we suggest to familiarize with the skyscrapers of the capital. You may be interested in the highest building in Moscow as a future home.

Residential skyscraper «Triumph-Palace»

Residential skyscraper

LCD from the organization «don-Stroy» at the moment, the highest residential building in Moscow. It is located at Chapaevsky lane, the house. 3. The building was put into operation recently, but with a slight delay. But almost immediately the house became the symbol of the modern capital. In 2003 Kazakhstan rose by almost 265 meters, which is immediately noted by the Guinness Book of records. Ten years ago, «Triumph» was the tallest building in Europe. However, four years later, the title «chosen» from the Tower. The residential complex is made in the style of 50-ies.

Why so unusual «Triumph Palace»?

The biggest house in Moscow on the rise, and in combination, and the second tallest building of the capital, has nine sections with different number of floors. Facing the developer has done the best of modern materials. Starting from the 5th to the 52nd floor are residential apartments. Five underground levels dedicated garages that can accommodate about a thousand cars. All areas occupy the area of around 169 square meters.

Residential skyscraper

The decoration of the Central building

Three floors are dedicated to the eponymous hotel, the most «long» among the European. This hotel proudly bears the title of a luxury hotel, impressing European visitors with quality service and a stunning view from the rooms.

At the end of construction of the building that middle part was decorated with a spire of 53 metres, designed by the Department of high-rise buildings. The cladding of the spire made of stainless steel, its area is 700 square meters. Some of the section, weighing several tons had to be lifted by helicopter. The installation of each section is for long time of working was not less than ten hours on each, so the installation of the spire ended only six days. The base of the spire is a three-storey building in the shape of an octahedron, inside which there are special steps for employees. On the basis of a three-story building is the highest (two hundred metres) from the available viewpoint.

«House on Mosfilmovskaya»

It is not the highest building in Moscow, how many floors – I can’t tell you. The building is divided into three sections of different heights – 7, 32 and 47 floors. The maximum height of the building is 208 meters. The residential complex appeared thanks to the developer «don-Stroy» and it is located at the address: Ul. Pyreva,2. LCD a total area of 219 thousand squares has a living area of 85 square meters. The house on Mosfilmovskaya not everything went smoothly – the former mayor of capital Luzhkov wanted to carry more than twenty floors of the building. It is true, then this number decreased to nine, and in the end the building was untouched – Luzhkov was removed from office, and the new Moscow government left the skyscraper alone.

Residential complex «Tricolor»

Residential complex

The skyscraper, being built by the construction company «Capital Group» on Rostokinskiy the street, towers over the city at 194 meters. The name of the building is dictated by the fact that in the final version on the façade will be three colors of the flag of Russia. This complex is planned to give one building for offices and three buildings for residential purposes. One building has 31 floor, the other two are 46 floors. All components are connected with the portion which performs the function of Parking with lots of levels.

Skyscraper «Sparrow hills»


Skyscraper with a height of 188 meters is located on Mosfilmovskaya street. It was built ten years ago, the developer of «don-Stroy». This complex consists of seven buildings, having from 7 to 48 floors. The total area of all buildings – 300 thousand squares, residential – 182 thousand square meters. For the height of the RK gets the third place in our ranking. However, the complex has one distinct advantage over its predecessors – it rises a few steps from the highest point of the capital hills.

LCD «Scarlet sails»


The building, erected by construction and development company «don-Stroy», rises to 179 metres. It is on Aviation street, the residential complex consists of 5 sections of different heights. The main building of the skyscraper «Scarlet Sails» is operated since 2003. High case of all is the fourth, consists of 48 floors. Other sections a little less – from 27 to 29 floors.

The LCD «Edelweiss»


A skyscraper of 43 floors built group of companies «Conti» in 2003. The total height of the building is 176 feet, but about twenty meters of them is spire. If it was not, the building stood would be in 157 meters. Residential complex with an area of 105 thousand square meters is a pilot project of the program, conceived by authorities of the capital, «New ring of Moscow». Under this program in the capital city was to appear before the current year about sixty of the skyscrapers in the area periphery. But managed to build only four – 3 residential skyscrapers and business centre. At the moment the program is on building the skyscrapers of the capital frozen.

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