The highest bridges in the world

The viaduct plays a special role, he connects two sections of land, providing movement to the other side. There are different bridges, one pedestrian designated role, others are designed for vehicles, and others allow you to move trains. Today, the viaduct is not only a powerful structure, architects are projects that are striking in its beauty and scope. We offer you the highest bridges in the world.

1. The Baluarte Bridge

The Baluarte BridgeThe baluarte bridge — the highest bridge in the world

This building was built with the objective of connecting several States. Completion of construction was timed to the national holiday, the celebration of Mexican independence from Spain. The highest point of the viaduct is equal to 400 m.

2. The Millau Viaduct

The Millau Viaduct

This road bridge was built in France for three years. The result is a building with a maximum height of 343 m. it pinned great hopes, namely, to unload the trucks coming from Paris to the South. The bridge was successful and completely to cope with their function.

3. Golden gate

Golden gate

This legendary bridge located in San Francisco is famous not only for its size. A month from his height jumps another crazy. As a result, the viaduct holds the record the highest number of suicides. Very long time, the bridge was considered the largest in the world. About three decades he carried this title.

4. Russian bridge

Russian bridge

Included in the list of the highest bridges in the world in 2012. It was in this period was built the viaduct, which is located in Vladivostok and leads. Russian. Among cable-stayed bridges it has the largest span, which is 1104 m. In such large-scale construction has been spent about 4 years.

5. Bridge Suton

Bridge Suton

It is located in China, and its height reaches up to 306 m. the Building was built in 2006. Its main goal is the reduction of road from Nang Thong in Changshu. The viaduct does its job and allows travelers to save about 3 hours journey.

6. Akashi-Kaikyo


The viaduct stands out not only for its size but also by age. Unlike listed young objects that this structure was built in 1998 in Japan. The construction took 4 years. The maximum height of the bridge is 298 m. Despite the paid movement on it, experts say that it will be repaid over 30 years of operation.

7. Stonecutters


In the middle of the ranking of the highest bridges in the world is a structure located in Hong Kong. Because these areas often walks Typhoon, then normal operation need further strengthening. The height of the bridge is 298 m.

8. Royal gorge

Royal gorge

This bridge has long been a leader among the highest viaducts. The years of glory came in the period from 1929 to 2003. The bridge is located in the US and goes over the Arkansas river. The height of this interesting structure is around 291 G.

9. Yi Sun-Sin

Yi Sun-Sin

This suspension bridge located in South Korea, interesting for its architecture. Moreover, it is considered the second highest among the viaducts of this type. Its dimensions are 270 m in height.

10. Great Eastern bridge

Great Eastern bridge

It is located in Denmark and occupies the third place among the viaducts in Europe. The highest point comes to the level of 254 m. Its construction falls in 1998. His task was to connect the two Islands of Zealand and Funen.

Modern bridges are interesting structures that are carefully planned and thought out. Their construction is allocated a huge amount of money, and for the construction required more than one year. This creates new paths which facilitate movement of different types of transport.

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