The heaviest tank in the world

Tanks were invented as the main weapon for use against infantry. Such military equipment has different versions in size and weight. Samples to superheavy tanks are machines of big dimensions, the weight of which exceeds 80 tons. Many countries have attempted to create the heaviest tank in the world.

The reasons for the creation

Almost all of the heavy models of the weapons was developed during the second world war. The main reason for the creation of super-heavy tanks – immunity from enemy fire, the desire to be absolutely invulnerable breakouts fortified enemy defenses and have the minimum losses. After all, in such tanks thick armor that is impervious to many weapons in wartime.

The reason for the cancellation of projects

The work on the design of heavy tanks was carried out in many countries with developed armored forces. Usually, at the same time, remember Germany, great Britain, the Soviet Union. However, the projects generally were abolished, for various reasons not implemented, and do not run in production. Such reasons were, for example: the advent of shaped-charge projectiles able to pierce thick armor, and very low maneuverability of heavy tanks. In addition, they were an easy target for aircraft. Had problems when transporting machines. The heavy armor caused the big damage to the road surface.

Therefore, the majority of the developed projects have remained on paper, ended at the level of the development and construction of layouts. The history of the Panzer troops knows only a few models of such weapons, but fighting is not used, no one instance.


For the year to the end of the war in Leningrad began to create the heaviest tank in the world. Project name, he got this: «object 260». Later it was renamed the is-7. The tank had a high degree of protection. Its weight was approximately 70 tons. Therefore, provided a fairly powerful powerplant.

The tank was designed several times. In the designs every time they introduced new elements and designs. For example, in the second embodiment, for the first time applied the principle of the ejector system for cooling the working of the engine. Suspension was not provided to support rollers, and at the top are the tracks laid down on a special track rollers. The machine has a higher resistance to wear and have a low noise level when moving. Significantly expanded range of weapons. The crew consisted of 5 people. Released 2 prototype when testing showed surprising speed characteristics for equipment: 60 km/h General speed and on the rocks — 32 km/h.

Improved version

Subsequently was created an improved variation of the is-7. Was considerably reinforced armor turret and hull, increasing the thickness of the on-Board units, adjusted corners, much less was vulnerability in the form of the tower. Additionally tank was armed with a new gun design. The visual appearance of the gun was different muzzle brake. The tank was equipped with a device for optimal fire control. It was supplied with very precise sights. Because of the large size was significantly increased height. Due to the hydraulic shock-absorbers of bilateral action managed to achieve the desired smoothness.

There were manufactured 4 samples of the is-7, carried out the necessary factory tests. However, despite the unique technical and operational parameters, the tank was not adopted by the state Commission and received recommendations for weapons. But it was really the heaviest tank in the world. Him in all ways inferior to the German model because of the «Royal Tiger» was not of such warranties. Also, with the is-7 could not match the U.S. armored vehicles, including the T29, T32, sort of, model TZO and T34.

However, designers had accumulated a wealth of practical experience. Tested parts and components of the is-7 is actively used in the future when creating other Soviet tanks.

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