The heaviest man in the world

Who is the heaviest person in the world? Probably, many of you have ask this question. In today’s world many people suffer from excess weight due to be not only high calorie foods, but also various diseases.

So, the heaviest man in the world recognized John Brauer Minnock.

John Brauer MinnockJohn Brauer Minnoch is the heaviest man in the world

To accurately know the weight of John’s failed to anyone – incredible dimensions, health problems and almost complete immobility hindered the ability to use a normal weight, according to approximate data weight Minoka amounted to 634 kg.

In 12 years, the weight of John’s jumped over the mark of 100 kg, at 22, his weight had increased to 178 kg with height of 185 cm

The years went by, and John and then recovered; the extra weight has never led to something good, as happened with Innocom. In 1978, at the age of 37 years, it had to be hospitalized. Against a great weight had many problems with the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

In the same year John got married. In world history this pair is recognized as the most different couple weight. Weighed Jeanette, wife of John, only 50 kilograms. Incredibly, in marriage they had two children.

Brought man to the hospital at the same time 12 firefighters, in addition needed a special wheelchair and even a private ferry. In the house mounted 2 single beds; change linens, required at least 13 people. Such a group could overthrow her husband.

In the hospital conducted a thorough examination of the incredibly heavy man; the diagnosis did not bring positive result – Minnoch was severe General edema. His body is extremely easy to accumulate excess extracellular fluid; estimating an endocrinologist about 408 kg had is the excess fluid. John was forced to follow a strict diet – on the day he was allowed no more than 1200 calories. After lying in the hospital 16 months, John finally came the statement; during this period of time he’s lost much weight. At discharge, his weight was 215 kg. Further improvements were not observed, and in the month of October John returned to the hospital, but already with a weight of 432 kg. After further examinations, it was decided to stop the treatment because of the reliable funds from his illness didn’t exist.

10 September 1983 at the age of 41 years John Minnoch died at the time of death he weighed 362 kg.

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