The healer from Brazil and the suitcase full of drugs

The healer from Brazil and the suitcase full of drugs

In one of the Moscow airports were detained the passenger from Brazil, who tried to spend in the country the narcotic substance.

During customs inspection in his suitcase found 4 bottles of some liquid. The inspection stood, it is clear that dimethyltryptamine. The man tried to explain to the customs officers that it is not a drug, and tea meditation, which he’s bringing friends as a gift.

In Russia, the detainee was planning to practice non-traditional Latin American medicine, to conduct seminars and workshops on meditation.

Meanwhile, DMT is a powerful psychoactive alkaloid and it is forbidden for carriage in Russia drug.

Dimethyltryptamine is one of the ingredients of the hallucinogenic potion Ayahuasca. The drink used in religious ceremonies, common in Latin America, including Brazil. Moreover, Ayahuasca is a national treasure of the Republic, because it is used in traditional shamanic rituals.

Regarding folk healer» from Brazil opened a criminal case on the fact of illicit import of drugs.

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