The funniest names in the world and Russia

Usually you select a name for your baby parents very responsibly and carefully. Interested in origin and value, compare it with the middle name and surname, in General, doing all that the child had never had any complexes about his name. But when I hear the funny names that comes to mind – that same thought parents, when the so-called their child?

young family

The origins of names

As you know the names of the people appeared a long time ago, but the exact time no one knows. A number of scientists believe that the names already existed in prehistoric times, when people were just learning to talk. It is also known that surnames came much later. It is derived from the names and nicknames.

The number of children with names of times past, in our days there are hundreds and thousands. Today in every country there is a group of scientists that conducts various studies of the origin of names. The names of each nation shows its roots, and can also display historical events and even entire epochs, the influence of fashion, no less reflected in the child’s name.

the funniest names

Some of the names were the centuries-old way and is still popular, and some just do not like, without having to appear. Every nation has the names, short and long, beautiful and funny. In ancient Russia it was called the newborn traditionally, ancient names, or Orthodox, which were borrowed from Byzantium together with religion.

The Soviet legacy

Apparently rejoicing that they had dropped the hated Imperial power, the proletarians took over the establishment of new orders in all areas. Such enthusiasm and irrepressible imagination are touched, including children:

  • What would the life of an innocent child, which the parents named Dazdraperma (long live may!) How to live with this name, because in Soviet Russia to change its name or the name of it was impossible.
  • Looking through the list of names of the real children of communism, it is impossible not to smile: Aclinic — I with Lenin and Stalin.
  • Persister — the First Soviet mayor and many other names of the Soviet era. The most ridiculous names in Russia were given in honor of leaders, political slogans, Communist holidays.

named in honor of chiefs

  • Maybe the parents thought that naming their daughter Stalino (Stalin and Lenin) they will protect it from political repression.
  • But the male name Kukuzel (Corn – Queen of fields!) apparently had to call a special arrangement N. S. Khrushchev.
  • First astronaut is also not left without attention of some visionaries. In the 60-ies of the last century appeared the name of Urubko that meant » Hurray! Jura in space!»

names to honor the agricultural achievements

The flowers of life

The fashion for unusual names continues, some parents love their children, competing in wit and ridiculous names come up. These statistics are published annually by the Registrar’s office of Russia. Here are some examples of human wit:

  1. Boch.
  2. Lettuce.
  3. Casper-Beloved.

The most ridiculous names continue to find their fans.

For example, the Jackson family, living in Chicago has named his five children the names of diseases:

  1. Meningitis.
  2. Laryngitis
  3. Appendicitis
  4. Peritonitis.
  5. Tonsillitis.

Hello, Two kilos of rice — Good health, a Silver dollar – sounds like the greeting of two friends from a small provincial district Kandhmal, the Indian state of Orissa. This state of India occupies the first place for people with unusual names. Two kilograms of rice is a reminder of the government revealed to the present, in this place that is the «prize» issued by the government for each replenishment in the family. The funniest names in the world occur around the globe.

Indian names

An unusual event occurred in Hawaii. School Honolulu parents brought my younger daughter, her father, a local restaurateur. The name along with the name of the girls consist of 28 words, what is 102 letters. The girl name is: Napo-AMO-Hala-Ana-Ana-ANCA-Vehi-Vehi-One-Hevea-Nena-wave-Once-Keha-cache-HEA-Lake-Ia-One-Na-Nana-Na-CACO-OA-Aga-van-Ice-Vana. The headmaster just couldn’t make the name and surname of the pupil in the class register. In Russian language, this literally translates as: «the Many beautiful flowers of mountain peaks and valleys filled with Hawaii and breadth of their incense.»

Effect name

Each of us will be life to thank their parents for what they gave us good education, prestigious education, and finally, a normal name. Some people in this was less fortunate. Parents are very important to remember that each person is first of all a person, he is unique and unique, it does not have to stick out the uniqueness of their child, the fact that you called it rare and unusual, and sometimes just a funny name?

children in Hawaii

Some fans of foreign films give kids the names of movie heroes, quite without thinking how they will blend with the middle name. Gerald Petrovich or Cassandra V. again and again «thank» my mom and dad for such irrepressible imagination.

Giving a child an unusual name, parents create the most discomfort, the very first child, because he has come a kindergarten, school. How to treat funny name peers, no need to guess, it taunts and lewd jokes. And who can imagine that in a decade your child will say «My mom’s name is Tractorinand dad of Spacegod«that’s bullshit!

Probably, nobody doubts that the grandchildren Dazdraperma and Intreba (Lenin, Trotsky, Bukharin) to hide the name of their grandparents. Anyone, of course, has the right to call their child any name, but we should not forget that many children of the XXI century is very cruel. Yes, and adults are basically the same.

happy children

Are the parents-the originals prepared for the fact that their child from time to time becomes an object of ridicule and bullying? How will they be able to him in time to explain the reasons of such behavior of their peers, and most importantly to convince the kid that you should not pay attention to the stupid antics.

In conclusion, I would like to appeal to parents who are thinking about choosing a name for your child. Spare their own children, don’t call them strange, weird, long, and dissonant names. After all, their way of life is just beginning, and probably for many of them to live with that name will be quite tight.

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