The funniest animals of the planet

The time of the creation of our nature is inexplicable. In the universe there is a huge number of fauna that are so original in its kind that immediately make you smile when they are closer examination. The funniest animals of the planet was honored to be in our list. Let’s start:

1. The sloth is the funniest animal on the planet


The representatives of this kind of mammals there are only 2 or 3 fingers. This is a very slow-moving animal, weighing up to 10 kg and the size of a little more than half a meter. Their funny appearance resembles a monkey. Modern animators devote their creations to this leisurely animals because of their slowness and clumsiness cause laughter not only in children but also in adults. Almost all of his life sloths are in the hanging position.

Sloths in the hanging position

When animals want to eat, they just return the head in search of leaf. Their long claws are hooks help this species confidently hanging on the trees, which gives them a kind of security from predators. In comparison with the body size of these animals, the head of the sloth is very small size, which makes this species even funnier. The famous German naturalist A. E. Brehm called sloths a cartoon animals. But, to his credit, sloths do not have aggressive, non-toxic and very funny.

2. Panda


The appearance of this animal is moved and at the same time a sincere smile, especially looking at the kids. They are so playful, puppet, Mila, what can be a long time to find them. Bamboo bear sang in Ancient China over three thousand years ago. In these animals the original black-and-white coloring and eyes outlined with black circles, making their way sadder and funnier at the same time. Pandas are clumsy, why their behavior is interesting to watch, especially when eating bamboo. At first glance, these animals are absolutely harmless and playful, but if there is a clash between them, the representatives of this species show their amazing agility, inherent predators. Bears that are in captivity, showing his friendliness and playfulness to the full.

Panda eats the bamboo

Adults can beat their children when they run away from them. Young animals playing, I love to stand on my head, to tumble, to quickly move around fences and obstacles. Growing up, they lose the skill and become more important and power. In one legend of pandas talking about the Chinese family of shepherds who lived on the hillside. Every day the shepherd led his sheep to pasture, where there were bamboo groves. There lived a little bamboo white bear, who loved to play. One day the herd was attacked by a ferocious leopard. All the sheep very quickly fled, and the little baby bear didn’t know how to move quickly. The daughter of a shepherd rushed to protect the Panda, striking with a stick at the retreating aggressor. The brave girl had died from his wounds. All the polar bears in the memory of the brave shepherdess began to sprinkle themselves with ashes. Animals bitterly bewailed his defender, rubbing his ears and smearing the ashes of grief… since that time they have become black and white.

3. Emperor Tamarin

Emperor Tamarin

Funny appearance of this species of primates is reminiscent of hussars because of their long white moustache. This species of monkeys called igrokov. In the hierarchy of their males are on the lowest rung are the seekers and the native kids and the whole clan is charged with females. Luxury beard and moustache, which tend to curl towards the bottom, make the appearance of Tamarina full of fun. Its name they received due to the similarities in its vegetation, with a mustache, the German Emperor Wilhelm II, as well as some semblance of a crown on his head. Tamarine satisfied on certain days fun «hairdresser» game. This process is mandatory and collective. Funny little animals help each other to establish order in appearance to each other, shortening the «Emperor» herb by its appearance.

4. The Philippine tarsier

The Philippine tarsier

About the appearance of the Philippine tarsier can talk endlessly. The comic face with a huge frozen, you can even say the glass eyes will not leave anyone indifferent.The Philippine tarsier is found mainly in Southeast Asia. These funny animals of the planet are unique because they can rotate the head 180 degrees. In other words, sitting on a branch tarsier can see that he comes back. This small and funny monkey has a huge lustrous eyes, which are considered the most beautiful of all animals.

5. Lori


If we consider animals with big eyes, it should be noted another interesting animal called Lori. He’s got excellent vision and so Lori maintains an active night life. Day primates prefer to sleep, but only as dusk approaches, these animals are incredibly playful. As Pets tend to buy a slow Lori thick as the other species of these prosimians are very difficult to settle down in the same area with a person. If you compare Lori and the Philippine tarsier for living in captivity, the latter is almost impossible to tame.

6. Angora rabbit

Angora rabbit

These fluffy volume lumps of different colors evoke a variety of positive emotions one of its kind. They belong to the breed of fur long soft pile which is subsequently processed into yarn. Angora rabbits can be kept as Pets because of their quirky, funny. Many types of this breed of rabbits are ear tufts, which are almost impossible to discern directly because of dense vegetation. Rabbits often compared with soft toys and kids love them.

7. Sphinx


Sphynx is cats. This kind of cats appeared relatively recently and gained its well-deserved popularity. These animals prefer to start with allergic diseases through the complete absence of hair on their body. Their bare skin feels like soft velvet. The Sphynx’s wrinkled, making them look valuable. A newborn kitten of a Sphinx all the rules must have a mass of folds and wrinkles that evidence of its breeding. Small sphinxes can be compared with the hell out of stories, they are so ridiculous and absurd. Externally, the sphinxes are similar to Oldies. This form of cats has an extraordinary loving towards people. Cats of this breed are very Intrusive, fast freeze, because of what they are always near the person. Gentle gentle creatures, despite the unusual funny, very playful, love to eat.

8. The platypus


Platypus or plasmalab (as the British call it a mammal) has a unique comic appearance. At first glance it seems that the beak or ‘nose’ of this animal does not correspond to his appearance, and tail all look like beaver. On top of that these animals lay their eggs and feed their young with milk, even though they are missing nipples. Squirrels carry their babies in «bags», like a kangaroo. Amazing animals give off heat, despite the long time in the water. When you sleep funny rolled into a ball. After sleeping platypus love to stretch and yawn, revealing their five-fingered paws with webbed feet. This animal, despite its absurd amusing, carries to the end of the unsolved mystery of his collected image.

The platypus swims

These and other funniest animals planet worthy of close attention. Even the most ferocious-looking predators can be interesting and funny, playful and cute, with their strange habits. Fabulously rich Fauna and gives you the opportunity to endlessly explore the world of animals.

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