The first touchscreen phone

Mobile gadgets with touch technology quickly gained popularity in the modern world. Despite the variety of such equipment is difficult to imagine that the very first phone appeared a few decades ago. Of course, the first «smart phone» was somewhat different from the smartphones and iPhones that hit the current market, but it opened the way for the creation of such gadgets.

The first touchscreen phone

IBM Simon first touch screen phone

Very often you can hear the opinion that the first touchscreen phone was the iPhone 1, made by world famous Apple brand. Actually the pioneer in this field was the American company IBM. Its engineers since the early 80-ies attempted to create a phone, where a normal keypad is replaced by touch. Only to 1992, their attempts were unsuccessful. It was at this time at the world exhibition of communication technologies, held in Las Vegas, the company unveiled a prototype of a new touchscreen phone, the IBM Simon.

IBM Simon

Wireless gadget that had a touch keyboard and aroused public interest. But IBM took 2 years to make changes to his creation. Only in 1994 touchscreen phone was the IBM Simon appeared on the market. You can purchase it was only in the largest cities of the United States. At that time the product had to pay about 900 dollars if the contract was concluded with the operator, otherwise gadget you had to pay 1100 us currency.

The design of the IBM Simon

Appearance is the first touchscreen phone was the IBM Simon is dictated by the fashion trends of the time. Gadget had a rectangular shape that is very reminiscent of the brick. It was made in black color. On the front side was the screen size 160h293 inches. It was the keyboard keys which you can press the supplied stylus or with your fingers. At the top of the phone was a great speaker and a miniature antenna. At the bottom of the recto of the first smartphone manufacturer has placed a microphone. The design also complements the name of the phone contrasting color. On the sidebar, the IBM Simon was placed control keys.

IBM Simon

The first touch screen phone differed quite significant weighing about 500 g. Charger of the gadget connected to the network and as the apparatus was bulky, limiting the mobility of the device.

Operating system and memory the IBM Simon

On the phone the IBM Simon was running one of the first versions of DOC, developed by Datalight. Gadget had 2 MB of internal memory, of which 1 was used for RAM, another for additional data. The phone also has a connector for placing the memory card.

IBM Simon

The functionality of the IBM Simon

The creators of the first touch screen phone have tried to equip their offspring with the maximum number of useful features. The gadget includes the following applications:

  • Fax;
  • calendar;
  • notebook;
  • clock;
  • calculator;
  • Notepad;
  • e-mail;
  • game.

IBM Simon

Besides on the phone screen to draw, for which it is desirable to use the stylus. The model can also be used as a pager.

Phone IBM Simon was equipped with a battery charge which is enough for approximately 60 minutes of continuous conversation. In the standby mode the gadget could do without recharging up to 12 hours.

IBM Simon

The history of the use of IBM Simon

The company IBM created the first touch screen phone was first enthusiastically received by the public, although its high price has caused disapproval from potential buyers. Soon the machine upset users a new challenge: he is very often out of order, and its repair required a significant amount. In this regard, the demand for the gadget quickly fell. Even after the advertising of the IBM Simon in the film The NET, where a new phone hackers used for negotiations. After falling sales, IBM has removed the smartphone from the production.

IBM Simon

Such a failed attempt is not the best way affected the activities of the brand IBM. The company, the victim, the failure in the mobile phone market, decided to abandon the production of such equipment.

New from Ericsson

Not slowed down with the idea of creating a phone with a touchscreen and the Swedish brand Ericsson. In 2000, the company launched the first smartphone called «smart phone». Model Ericsson R380 differed little in dimensions:

  • width – 50 mm;
  • length – 130 mm;
  • thickness – 26 mm;
  • weight – 169 g

Ericsson R380,

On the obverse of the Ericsson R380 was a large black-and-white display, which could use a touch keyboard and other buttons are used to select functions. For the convenience of users on the flap was the usual keys that you can manage gadget. At the time the Ericsson R380 phone can be purchased for $ 700.

The first smartphone of Apple

Apple also made its contribution to the development of touchscreen phones. Her world-renowned leader Steve jobs in 2004 set out to create a phone with a touch screen. About 3 years and $ 150 million needed for the development of the first iPhone, which was presented to the public in early 2007. To introduce innovations, Steve jobs organized a conference in San Francisco and personally showed all the features of the new phone. It should be noted that the functionality of the device was quite large when compared with their predecessors. The main advantage of the model was a convenient screen on which you can control with two fingers. Contributed to the spread iPhone 1 and aggressive advertising, which cost the company tens of millions of dollars.

for iPhone 1

Pleased users the ability to buy the smartphone in different configuration. A cheaper option was a model that had 4 GB of internal memory. She at that time had to pay about $ 500. Phone iPhone 1 with 8 gigabytes of memory was worth $ 100 more expensive.

Today, many companies manufacture various models of smartphones. What was that first decided to create such technology will remain forever in the history of phones.

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