The first phone in the world

Phone first in the world invented more than a century ago. Many of us are very used to modern smart phones, and long distance communication is now commonplace. To call anywhere in the world by clicking a couple of buttons. But in the last century in order to communicate, people wrote letters and waited for a long time.

First phone and its design

The basis for the device the first apparatus for transmission and reception of sound steel appliances create a magnetic field when electric current passes through them, of the membrane. And made this discovery in 1875 in Boston, scientists Alexander Graham bell and Thomas John Watson.

Oleksandr Graham BellAlexander Graham Bell

Communication existed even in ancient times. As devices for the transmission of information used signal fires, symbols, drums and even imitated the sounds that animals make. So the idea of getting something that would allow to communicate at a distance, has long been present in society.

In Pskov in the middle ages the building had narrow tunnels in the walls, through which people transmit messages. And in the days of the Great Roman Gallic loudmouths standing chain, could transmit messages at speeds up to 100 km/h, thanks to the residents of the villages long before he learned of the approaching enemy.

The first electric phoneThe first electric phone

In 1789, the French engineer, Claude chappe introduced the idea of using a chain transmission system of notifications with special trims and signal lights. For this purpose, the tower, located across the country, the device which was noticeable from a distance. Working watched the next tower and, accordingly, changed position of the strap, thus passing the signal on.

American Paige first decided to use electricity as a means of information transfer. Later this idea was developed by a scientist from Friedrichsdorf Philip Reis and the American inventor of Scottish origin Alexander Graham bell with his disciple Thomas Watson.

Bell patented the telephone in the United States 14 February 1876, and on March 10 it already passes the first information transfer.

The invention of the first electric telephone

The principle of the electric telephone has stated in his qualifying work for the award of an academic degree and skills master’s mechanical engineer Charles Bursell, it was he who first used the term «phone». His work on the idea of information transfer, based on the properties of electricity, but to realize his discovery into the life of a scientist and failed.

Telephone Antonio MeucciTelephone Antonio Meucci

In 1860, the United States, the Italian inventor-engineer Antonio Meucci on the basis of the conducted research, created a device by which wires can transmit signals, calling him teletrofono. Western Union took advantage of the poverty of the little-known Italian. Pledging to help in the design of the patent, the company purchased all the drawings of the apparatus. But after the transaction the company successfully left the inventor of the «nose». In the design patent electrofone Meucci was denied.


Graham bell declared himself a Creator of the telephone in 1876, the year issued a document certifying the exclusive authorship. After a year of trial, Meucci was awarded the championship in the device. However, by the time his application for the patent was no longer valid. Western Union gave the phone next, and Meucci died without being rich.

The phone, which was patented by an American scientist bell, bell did not exist, and the link was established using the whistle. Bell also believed that with the help of your phone, you can make contact with the spirit world.

The first mobile phone model

The first mobile phone was invented in 1973-m to year. He was heavy, big and very different from modern models. While working offline it was not long, because the phone worked for one battery. And the price of such a phone was very high, and could afford this device, not all.

Martin Cooper - inventor of cell phoneMartin Cooper — inventor of cell phone

Despite the fact that on creation of a mobile phone at the same time worked for all the leading companies, the first mass is released the present invention is Martin Cooper. Externally, the device was more like a portable pay phone. The phone was in a backpack behind the back, and consisted of power supply, tubes and wires.

The first phones

After the release of the phone was created by Martin Cooper, worldwide was released a dozen different types and models, but they were bulky and uncomfortable. The first traditional model is assembled by MOTOROLA. Her weight was about 1 kg, and work time totaling more than 8 hours.

DynaTAC8000x is the first commercial mobile device to transmit and receive sound in the distance. The cost MOTOROLA on the development of this device was more than one hundred million U.S. dollars. This model was worth 4 thousand dollars and weighed about 800 grams, additionally, the phone can memorize up to 30 different phone numbers. However, the charge it had 10 hours, and the battery was just enough for 60 minutes of conversation.


The following model Motorola Micro TAC, released in 1989 year, cost 3 thousand dollars, and was the smallest phone in the world. Three years later, the company released a miniature camera, the size of which does not exceed the size of the palm of your hand. A little later the Finnish firm NOKIA has released the first model of mass GSM phone — the NOKIA 1011.

The Nokia 1011NOKIA 1011

In 1993, BellSouth/IBM launched the first phone-Communicator, which allowed him to interact with the computer. And in 1996, the year the company has released the MOTOROLA phone is a clamshell, it was the first model of this type, which was later nicknamed «the frog».

At the moment the phones are very different from the first models. Now phones are not only high tech devices but also fashion accessories. Famous phone Apple iPhone 4 DiamondRoseEdition costs about $ 8 million. However, there are phones, the price of which exceeds $ 10 million.

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