The first man on Earth

Today humanity has reached a milestone in its development. People have achieved tremendous progress in all spheres of life. And the more important achievements become, the more care the question of who was our ancestor, the first man on Earth?

The first man on Earth

The greatest minds in the world who have taken it upon myself to find the answer, did not come to a consensus. Some say that man is the fruit of evolution, which is confirmed by archaeological finds. On the approval of others, people created God in his image, what is written in detail in the book of Genesis. Still others claim that the man was brought to Earth by alien beings. In each of the hypotheses there are many controversial issues, but still the error of their not fully proven, they have the right to life.

Evolution, which gave life to

According to scientists, the direct ancestors of humans are apes. Apes evolved, adapting to changes in the external environment that contributed to their mental and physical development. The Earth’s climate changed, which forced the primates to find our first home, protecting from the wind and cold, to find food, creating tools for hunting and cultivation.

Evolution, which gave life to

Since it alone to get food, it was quite difficult, apes gather in groups. Because of this beginning to develop communication and there the first speech. All these factors have caused the changes in the anatomy and physiology of primates, which were decisive in the emergence of man:

  • evolved structure of the brain;
  • developed bipedal movement;
  • disappeared significant part of the hairline;
  • reduced in size of the canines;
  • developed grasping brush;
  • fell the larynx and hyoid bone.

When did the first man?

Our most ancient ancestors are apes Tripitaka. They lived in Africa more than 9 million years ago. Primates lived in trees, because at that time in the area of the continent was dominated by warm humid climate. Due to changes in the external environment of the jungle began to disappear and in their place appeared the Savannah, which was formed a new species of primates – the Australopithecines. They are not very different from their ancestors, but moved vertically, and freed the front limbs used, if necessary, sticks and stones.

When did the first man

Anthropologists, discovered the remains of Australopithecus, found that this species of primates lived on Earth about 4 million years ago. It was also found that from which comes the appearance of Homo habilis, who lived on the planet about 2 million years ago, representatives of which can already be considered a people. Growth reached 1.5 meters and a weight up to 50 kg the Structure of the found skull of Homo habilis suggests that the brain of these animals was significantly increased compared with the Australopithecines, which indicates an increase in their mental development. Special bulges on the skull confirm that members of the species of Homo habilis had a speech center.

After 0.5 million years of Homo habilis became Homo erectus. According to scientists, representatives of this species already knew how to speak coherently. From Africa they spread across Eurasia that gave rise to the formation of separate races.

Where did the first man?

Despite the potential of modern science to reliably determine where life began, humanity has failed. Many inclined to the theory that early humans inhabited Africa. On this continent the archeologists discovered the ancient remains of a species of Homo habilis who gave rise to Homo sapiens. The age of the finds was about 1.5 million years.

Where did the first man

This theory was contested by the Russian scientists discovered in Yakutia, the remains of ancient people, which are more than 2.5 million years. Excavations in this area was conducted in 1982. Here were found implements and the remains of the first people who in a million years older than the finds in Africa. Based on discoveries made by archaeologists, it can be concluded that the first humans appeared about 2.5 million years ago. Also, it can be argued that the cradle of modern mankind is Asia.

The highest creation of God?

A huge part of the population tend to believe that man is God’s creation. Supporters of this hypothesis stress that the human body is very complex and perfect, and to create it could only be by divine power. As described in the book of Genesis, God created the planet with all living creatures. The crown of his creation is man, created from dust, bore the name Adam. To the human race had continued, the first man had been given a companion named eve, created from his rib.

To determine the time of the creation of God first people also failed. The Bible is interpreted many different ways. Supporters of the divine origin of people argue that actually the description that the world was created in seven days, should not be taken literally. In their view, the creation of the Universe and the Earth lasted much longer and explains the origin found by archaeologists of the antiquities.

Originally from other worlds

The most controversial is the hypothesis of alien origin of humans. But still, many scientists tend to believe that man came from another universe. According to them, the people in its development have really come a way from Tripitaka to a reasonable Person. But the common ancestors of humans and apes was not. Once on the Ground, dropitem began to adapt to the planet, and that was the reason for its development. Based on these allegations, the first people who can be considered ancestors of modern mankind, appeared about 10 million years ago.


Each of these hypotheses has a number of gaps that casts doubt on the truth. The only thing we can confidently assert that the first man appeared on earth millions of years ago, and it took many generations until people have reached the modern level of development.

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