The first man in space

Spacecraft with a man on Board through the efforts of Soviet scientists was launched into earth orbit in the spring of 1961. As later said, the first man in space, April 12, in front of him opened a wonderful picture with a blue halo.

The beginning of the path

the first man in space

Yuri Gagarin originally from the village, located near the town of Gzhatsk. In the spring of 1934, a man was born, destined forever to write his name in the history of space exploration. A year ago, March 9, celebrated 80 years since the birth of the astronaut. The training of the young first-graders were interrupted by the arrival of the fascist invaders. The red Army liberated Klushino in 1943, then Gagarin was able to continue training.

After graduating from sixth grade, Yuri was enrolled in a trade school in Lyubertsy. He also submitted documents to the party of the working youth. In June 1951, the young man acquired a profession – molder-caster.

Gagarin did not stop there and became a student at industrial College of the city of Saratov. In the fall of 1954 he opened the door of the Kharkiv flying club. Being the diligent student, the future first man in space has achieved good results. In 1955, the jury first sat behind the wheel of the aircraft Yak-18. Being in the flying club, Gagarin flew about 200 sorties.


Two years before the momentous event, Gagarin in writing announced my candidacy for participation in space flights. After seven days, and the young man was caused to undergo a full medical examination. In March 1960, Yuri A. was approved as a candidate to cosmic flights.

What was it like?

Senior Lieutenant Gagarin spent in the vacuum of space without 12 minutes to two hours. This time was enough to make a complete revolution around the planet Earth. 108 minutes that changed the world and the cosmos were forced to speak Russian! But that was then, and now, 12 April 1961, was preparing for the launch of Vostok-1. On a spaceship cemented spherical module, the diameter of which was 2, 3 meter. Gagarin was secured in the chair, to leave that until the completion of the flight, the cosmonaut could not. In the compartment loaded provisions is based on 10 days.

When the clock showed 9 o’clock 07 minutes from the Baikonur cosmodrome launched the spacecraft.


So as not to expose the mission risk caused by human factor, Gagarin was piloting the ship. Although in case of emergency, in a sealed envelope lay code that allows the cosmonaut to take control over the spaceship in their hands.


The landing was extreme. Capsule East was too fast to go down, Gagarin had to eject. The astronaut, wearing a spacesuit, before to be on the earth, flew 7 km away.

The first person to see an astronaut after landing, there was a girl, grandma and cows. The news that Yuri Gagarin went into space, scattered around the world. For the courage and bravery of the first man in space was awarded a medal and the title hero of the Soviet Union.

The last flight

March 27, 1968 is like a giant scythe, cutting the trees to the ground at an angle of 60-70 degrees, the plane flies. The report created by the State Commission is – equipment failure. At 10 o’clock and 30 minutes a.m. died Yuri Gagarin and Vladimir Seregin.

For almost 50 years trying to investigate the mystery of a training flight that claimed the lives of two professional pilots.

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