The first iPhone

Almost everyone knows what a iPhone. The appearance of this phone model at the time was accompanied by a large boom. Today the market is full of various similar devices. But interest in the iPhone 2g is still quite high. A out of curiosity I want to know what was the very first iPhone, and some want to add to my collection of unique things.

Samy Perche iPhone

Secrets of Apple

The idea of creating the world’s first iPhone came to the head of the world’s largest Corporation Apple. Steve jobs was almost obsessed with creating a new device. Since 2004, all leading engineers had to work hard trying to implement this plan. The first prototype of the newest phone was presented to jobs in 2005, but he only vaguely resembled the one that was intended in the beginning. The second version of the iPhone has also not been approved by the CEO. In 2006 alone, managed to create a device, known worldwide as the first iPhone.

prototypes iPhone 2g

Created the phone absolute secrecy. The engineers of the company undertook not to tell anyone what they’re working on now. Even the Apple employees who did not participate in the creation of a unique device, it was forbidden to visit the area, where he worked on the first iPhone.

The presentation of the iPhone 2g

Thanks care and exceptional commitment of its leader, Apple has managed to beat its rivals and to please the world the first iPhone. It was presented by Steve jobs in January 2007. He showed all present the possibility of a new device. Jobs is on stage he sang the following:

  • reproductive listened to your music;
  • revised video showing off the public screen device;
  • made a call and sent SMS;
  • have shown the possibility of viewing images;
  • opened the most popular sites;
  • have used Google Maps.

the presentation of the first iPhone

The appearance of the first iPhone

The Corporation Apple has always preferred stylish, beautiful but still simple design. And so it was released the iPhone 2g. The device had considerable dimensions, which does not spoil it. Thanks to the rounded edges and sleek body, the phone was a pleasure to hold.

the appearance of the iphone-2g

Almost the entire front panel in black has occupied the screen. The originality of the model gave a graceful glossy bezel around the perimeter. The panel was made of a special glass that does not remain traces from scratch. To create a back panel used plastic, had frosted a silvery hue. At the bottom of the design complements the thin black strip.

The first owners of the iPhone were pleased with the high build quality. Even with careful examination failed to find any gap. Not supposed to and remove the back cover of the device, and for sevens was a special container, which was equipped top end model.

The main advantage of the iPhone 2g

The main thing that attracted in the first iPhone was display. At that time none of the phones had a screen diagonal of which is equal to 3.5 inches and a resolution was 320×480. In addition, the display had other benefits:

  • the widest viewing angles;
  • excellent color reproduction;
  • good visibility in bright sunlight;
  • automatic brightness control of the backlight.

display pershoho iPhone

Possibilities of the camera

The first iPhone was equipped with an excellent camera. She modestly was located on the rear panel. And though the model was not equipped with a flash, the pictures turned out great quality with a resolution of 1600×1200.


To take a picture, the user had to launch the Photos app. Then appeared on the screen viewfinder and buttons. By pressing the right keys made the pictures, the left opens the gallery have been removed and informed the staff. To capture the important moments did not have to resort to abstruse settings, it was enough to open the app, point the camera and shoot.

The amount of internal memory

First iPhone had three options set. The first was only 4 GB of internal memory, the second is 6 GB, and the third had a maximum capacity of 8 GB. And though actually specified in the characteristics of the volume was a bit high, and instead of 8 on the device was 7,4 GB of free memory, enough to load approximately 1.5 million songs, which had a high bitrate.


The first iPhone 2G was released in a small cardboard box. It contained instructions for use of the device. The package also included a soft cloth that effectively removes dirt from the screen. A real gift for fans of Apple are several labels with the logo of the brand.

equipment first iPhone

Also first iPhone equipped with the following accessories:

  • stereo headset;
  • dock, which has additional audio output;
  • network adapter;
  • cable.

To the network adapter using the cable you can connect the dock or the phone. Cable needed to connect iphone to PC.

The impression from the first iPhone

The first iPhone 2g was received by the public in different ways. Fans of Apple were charmed with the novelty. They fell in love with the device, oblivious to all his faults. Supporters of the new phone was not disappointed with the lack of video function, GPRS and others. After all, the iPhone allowed you to surf the web, take great photos, enjoy your favorite music.

first iPhone on display

Opponents of the brand believed that the cost of the first iPhone 2g was much too high, considering its somewhat limited functionality.

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