The first film in the world

Over the past two decades, the cinema has moved some steps forward. It is hard to imagine the film without special effects. But before, in the early days of cinema, films were for a few seconds and minutes! What is the first film in the world?

The first unofficial film

It is believed that the first film came out back in 1888. The Director is an Englishman of French origin, Louis Le Prince. In his film «in the garden Scene, Roundhay», he took his family and friends. The two-second plot of the film is simple: friends and relatives of the Director are walking in the garden in West Yorkshire.

In 1890, the year the Le Prince was about to patent the camera, which he invented, but soon he was gone straight from the train EN route to Paris. Neither the father of cinema, nor its Luggage was never found. Later his son tried in court to prove the primacy of the father and to clear his name, but soon after the trial was shot by an unknown.

The first film - Le Prince

The first official movie

Officially the world cinema celebrates his birthday on March 22, 1895. It happened thanks to the Lumiere brothers, who on this day presented your first film. Part-owners of the plant for the production of photographic film, they made a film that lasted a little less than minutes, 47 seconds. The plot was simple: factory workers leaving the Lumiere factory after work through the checkpoint.

the lumière brothers

The first film in color

The first film in color was released in 1896 and is owned by Director Thomas Edison. The colors in the film, he achieved by hand-coloring black-and-white ribbon. The first film in color called «Dance of loie fuller». It was a picture of a dancer that after the film was recognized as the founder of the trends in modern dance.

the first color film

Three years after the release of the film of Thomas Edison, a photographer from Britain Edward Raymond Turner presented his version of the color film. He patented the process of photography, which was based on the removal of each frame and further passes through the three primary filters: red, green and blue. The story of his first film became a common scene that unfolds in the garden of his own home: on the lawn, children played, sat the parrot, and the fence marching soldiers.

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