The fattest woman in the world

Today is quite an acute problem of excess weight. However, there are people who do not have to fight with severe obesity body. And all because of so much stress occurs, the environment is getting worse, and fast food also makes a considerable contribution to the creation of extra pounds on the human body. Let’s find out what the thickest women in the world, «famous» for its vast forms.

Carol Yeager

The fattest woman in the world Carol Yeager

This woman was the thickest in the entire history of mankind. Its weight was 727 kg. Carol was born in Michigan in 1960. And while still small, it is significantly different in its size from their peers. She told me that insatiable hunger she had after a stressful situation, when she was molested by a relative. At the age of twenty, the girl weighed so much that her legs could not support that weight. As a result, she had only to lie on the bed, unable even to perform basic actions. Her began to care, but it became clear that health Carol under great threat. But she continued to gain weight, despite the fact that a clear understanding of where it can result in insatiable desire to eat.

But still the fattest woman in the world once started no known nutritionist G. Simmons and showman George.Springer. She began acting in the show-transmission, for which they received funds for their treatment. But, as it turned out later, the help of her nutritionist was no. So she began to contact local hospitals, but the doctors gave up and said that to help her I can’t. As a result, the American increasingly began to be hospitalized in a year, it was up to ten times. And for this you need to involve special equipment and firefighters. Weight girls continued to increase in 1993 it amounted to 540 kg

Carol Yeager has vaila 727 kg

Carol was suffering from edema, the fluid is not coming out of body and was pressing on internal organs. For it was compiled on a special diet, she was only allowed to eat 1,200 calories. She managed to lose some weight, but after returning home, she again started to gain weight, which reached 727 mi kg. However, at the time of death Carol (1994). doctors recorded the weight of 545 kg. the Woman was able to survive only up to 34 years, but still she desperately tried to get rid of excess pounds. Successful in this case turned out to be the next contender for the title of thickest.

Mayra Rosales

Mayra Rosales weighed 500 kg

In 2008, this woman has become famous around the world as «baby killer.» She was accused of the death of the nephew, who she took his hand. But later it was found that Myra was not to blame (the boy died of his own mother). But the deed was done – the popularity of this woman gave her pounds. It weighed at that time 500 kg. She could not independently obihazhivat yourself and move. Husband every day, wiped the body of this fat woman, because any wound could become fatal for her. Myra told me that she started to put on weight in childhood, when his father left the family. After that, though she ate the least, but hard to be fat.

Mayra Rosales Shula on 408 kg

But come 2015, and in the transfer of Malakhov this woman appeared in a very different form – she managed to lose weight 408 kg than Mayra won the audience. Today, she is your page in social networks and share experience. Therefore, in the thickest to call it impossible.

Susanne Eman Of Casa Grande

Susanne eman of Casa Grande - the fattest woman in the world

Thickest today recognized as a resident of Arizona, which weighs 326 pounds. But despite its too curvy, a woman not shy and even proud of them. This was the fattest woman in the world, a photo which quite clearly shows that she has no complexes about appearance, a day uses almost 22,000 calories. And lose weight, it is not going to, on the contrary, wants to set your weight record and «beat» the record Carol Yeager, reaching a weight of 1000 kg.

Susanne eman of Casa Grande, doing exercises every day

Quite strange to watch, but this woman is not deterred and attracted to the male gender. Suzanne even moonlights as a model on the website for fat people. She thinks she’s perfectly healthy, doing exercises every day, monitoring their health, measuring once a week, sugar level and blood pressure. If something’s bothering her in her health, she certainly goes for advice to doctors, which are all correct.

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