The fattest man in the world

The problem of obesity in the world is one of the most global. Most fat people in the world due to the combination of many reasons (psychological issues, heredity, lack of willpower) reached truly gigantic proportions. Every person who had topped 450 pounds, suffers from a deadly form of the disease, has serious problems with breathing, joints and heart. They rarely survive 40 years old and their whole life is a little like a fairy tale.

In 2014, another died the fattest man in the world. Mexican Manuel Uribe (587 kg) died, becoming a new victim of this terrible disease. All America is in second place in the world (after Mexico), and gave the world the greatest number of record — 32% of the population are not just overweight, and I and II degree of obesity.


The heaviest man in the history of mankind recorded John Brauer Minnoch (1941-1983), Washington. Unofficial competitor, he was an American Carol Yager. But 727 pounds has not been officially confirmed, so John Minnock is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the fattest man in the world. Photos it save some, then these people have not sold themselves as models for magazines and the Internet.

Up to a certain time he worked as a taxi driver, while a 30-year-old man no longer fit in the car. It is love of fast food made Minoka the way it is. At the age of 12, he already weighed 132 kilograms and daily consumed about 20,000 calories — at a rate 10 times less. John was forced to hire up to 13 helpers at different times for personal care (changing of the sheets and movements). The width of his body (on the waist not talking) was at various times up to 150 centimeters.

John-Mino Oct

In 1978, the fattest man in the world was admitted to hospital because of respiratory and heart failure. Having spent 16 months on a strict diet 1200 calories, he gained another title record dropped weight almost in 2 times, up to 215 pounds, which was another official record among men (slightly more than 4 quintals). Soon, however, in 1981, he again admitted to the hospital with a weight of 432 pounds, and dies a year later at the age of 43 years (362 kg).

Being a record holder of Guinness book of records and is quite famous, very handsome man also married in 1978, putting another kind of record. Its the difference in weight with the elastic was incredible — wife weighed only 50 pounds. Somehow Minnock still managed to conceive two children.

John-Mino Oct

The thickest people on the planet (photo Carol Yager) suffer from a deadly form of obesity, marbesol, which is not subjected to therapeutic treatment, diet, medicine and sport help only up to certain level of weight. Salvation for these patients can be surgery, hysterectomy or bandage on the stomach, but often old heart just can’t tolerate the anesthesia. And the slightest deviation from the recommendations of doctors leads to the return of the original condition.


To lose weight such people is difficult, despite some seeming ease (because the volume of the body must spend extra energy). Irreversible inflammatory processes in fat cells and impaired regulation leads to the fact that the body will always strive to its original state. Even when John Minnoch put on a strict diet, and he lost, in the moments of the breakdowns happened, gained 89 pounds in a week (!). The man’s body is extremely easy to accumulate the intercellular fluid — up to 80% of the weight consisted of her. And it’s not the water that makes up our body, is a pathological substance, destroys the entire body.

John-Mino Oct

So far, Russia in the list of most fat people in the world is on 19th place. But there is such a pattern — in the West obese people with low budget are not able to eat healthy food, and in Russia, on the contrary, people get better at improving the financial situation. Therefore, only proper nutrition, and willpower can be the key to a fulfilling life and a beautiful body.

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