The fattest girl in the world

Plump, well-fed child is a joy for parents. They are trying to feed your child with all the most tasty and nutritious and don’t think about the consequences. But sometimes this over-nutrition leads to tragic results. The fattest girl in the world wasn’t born like this – poor diet and lack of exercise made her famous all over the world. But who needs that kind of publicity?

Child nutrition

Suman Khatun

To date the fattest girl in the world is considered to be Suman Khatun. Together with their parents, brothers and sisters, she lives in a small Indian village. A few years ago, Suman was in the Guinness Book of records. In the 6 years child weighed 91 kg while her height is only 104 cm

the fattest girl in the world

Despite the worldwide fame, such «records» girls are difficult. This is especially true of her family. In a small Hindu women appetite that haunts her almost from birth. Girl eats everything that gets under her arm. Sometimes it is not enough. All that parents earn goes to buy food for Suman, so the family financial situation is almost critical. Sometimes you don’t have money for the Essentials. Then other family members constantly have to starve for lack of food.

Insatiable appetite

Any attempt to limit diet Khatun is inconclusive. The girl immediately begins to panic, and then falls into a serious tantrum. If this fails to achieve the desired result, Suman goes for the heavy artillery – eats dirt and sand.

Suman Khatun

But such addiction to food girl was not always the case. At birth, her weight did not exceed 4 kg, like any other child. The culprit was a strong desire for her mom to save a little money on the diet. She began to feed the baby milk with a variety of cereals. After a while parents started to notice that your appetite Suman has increased several times and became almost unmanageable. How much a girl eats for the day, no one knows. Often she comes to the neighbors, when food is longer, and begs from them something to eat.

Girl from India Suman Khatun

The standard lunch for the girls consists of two or three huge plates of rice, same amount of grilled fish or meat, a few servings of scrambled eggs or half-fried eggs. Not without 1-1,5 kg of potatoes a day.

Fruits and sweets – also accompany regular diet. Especially fond of Suman high-calorie bananas. The fattest girl in the world can eat up to 30 bananas and 20 cakes per day, but not to part with the feeling of hunger and go to strangers to beg.

Health problems

Of course, this lifestyle seriously affects the health of girls. It almost does not move, its toll on her every move. Excess weight adversely affects the physical condition of the body, especially on the cardiovascular system. The girl’s heart cannot function properly because it is covered with lots of fat. But the famous Hindu is not worried. Most of the time the fattest girl in the world spends sitting in front of the TV, and the main purpose of her life was the search for food.

Diet Suman Khatun

After some calculations, the researchers suggested that the kind of food that Suman Khatun eats for the week to feed the whole village where she lives.

Jessica Leonard

However, the Indian girl got the title of most fad recently. For her the leading place belonged to the world-famous Americans Jessica Leonard. Few who have not heard about 8-year-old child with a weight of 186 lbs. At the time she became the champion of the Guinness Book of records as the fattest girl in the world. The tendency to obesity, she began to manifest itself from early childhood. When she turned, the arrow weight is almost reached 30 kg, and after another year up to 50 kg.

Jessica Leonard

Jessica’s diet consisted mainly of semi-finished products and fast food. How many hamburgers, fries, pizza, sauces and carbonated water… the Concept of proper nutrition for the child did not exist, despite the fact that her mother tried several times to put her on a diet. The results were always disastrous. Eternal tantrums and indignation on the part of daughter disarmed parents. They eventually resigned themselves to this lifestyle for their child and stop trying to limit her amount of food.

To move normally the girl of course could not. It was a challenge even just to get off the couch. All of its daily activity had only two things: watching television and eating new portions of junk food. The school did not go, because I just physically could not do it.

The return to normal life

In 2005, the state of health Jessica has deteriorated sharply. Obesity gave a big load on the heart, which is already struggling to cope with their responsibilities. The girl had to go through a lot of tests to find a rational way to restore the normal functioning of the body. Doctors immediately put the fat on a strict diet and has established regular inspections.

The treatment was really effective. 1.5 years of disciplined life the fattest girl in the world lost about 136 kg. As it turned out, the main reason for such a strong appetite girls was a chemical imbalance that took place in the brain.

American Jessica Leonard

Several months later, the condition Leonard was normalized almost completely. Now her weight does not exceed 50 kg, she began to attend school and actively engaged in physical activity. The only thing that prevent her to fully enjoy life is the excess skin and stretch marks. But this problem Jessica intends to accomplish in the near future by surgery.

Despite these sad examples, many parents might think, and to reconsider the diet of their children, because hardly any of them would want their child wore the title of «the fattest girl in the world».

Overweight in a child

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