The fastest woman in the world

Almost everyone had to watch sports in which women have shown incredible gains in speed and agility. Strongest and toughest women in seconds can cover the distance of 100 meters. But not everyone knows what results have demonstrated the fastest woman in the world – athlete from the USA. At the time it struck fans of the sport, and its incredible success has spawned a lot of different discussions and rumors.

Florence Delores Griffith

Florence Delores Griffith – record holder in speed

The fastest woman in the world is the American Florence Delores Griffith. The woman managed to set records in running, which was not able to beat other athletes for over 28 years. In 1988, Florence struck sports fans unrealistic figures. It took her all of 10.49 seconds to run a hundred yards.

Florence Delores Griffith

The establishment in sports

Famous athlete in America was a native of the city of Los Angeles. She was born on 21 October 1959, in an ordinary family. The girl was 10 brothers and sisters. Florence as a teenager showed great results in the sport, so she joined the team of the famous coach Bob kersee. Under his leadership, the girl was able to achieve good results, which did not suit her. Helped Florence to show their talents her husband al Joyner.

Florence Delores Griffith

First achievements

Significant competition, Florence Griffith Joyner began to participate in 1983. She managed to win fourth place in the women two hundred meter distance. A year later the girl was awarded a silver medal at the Olympic games that took place in her hometown. After that, the athlete for 4 years did not show any results. But 1988 was a turning point in her career. Taking part in the qualifying competition for the Olympics, she ran the hundred meters in record time of 10.49 seconds. After this result, the athlete was allowed to participate in the Olympic games.

Florence Delores Griffith

Mistress Of The Olympic Games

Olympics, which took place in 1988 in the capital city of Korea, began to Florence not very good. The girl after arriving in the country injured leg. But her desire to win gold was so strong that she, ignoring the pain, continued to train. Due to its commitment, Florence has won 3 gold medals at various distances:

  • 100 meters;
  • 200 meters;
  • 800 meters.

Florence Delores Griffith

Accusations and suspicions

Incredible results Florence Griffith-Joyner became the reason of occurrence of different accusations against athletes. Despite the fact that the girl on the eve of the Olympic games were made by different doping samples, it is still accused of foul play. Other female athletes indicated that without the use of any results it is impossible to develop such musculature, which was in Florence.

Florence Delores Griffith

The situation was aggravated by the statement of the athlete about retiring from the sport in 1989, when much tougher doping control. In addition, the coach and husband of Florence was disqualified for receiving illegal drugs. The athlete strongly denied such claims and even participated in the promotion of sport without doping.

Broken hope

The glory of Florence began to fade. But in 1996 his name again sounded at every step, as the athlete has decided to return to the sport. She started training and was preparing for a competition. But the hopes of the famous athletes will not come true. During the flight Florence suffered a heart attack. Even after 2 years, the world was shocked with terrible news about the death of athletes who died during sleep.

Florence Delores Griffith

The mysterious death of Florence has resulted in the emergence of various rumors. Many claimed that the woman died prematurely because of the abuse of illicit drugs. There was also a version of the hemorrhage and progressive epilepsy. Reliable cause of death of famous female athletes have not been announced.


Florence Griffith Joyner was remembered not only as the world record holder in running, but as a bright and extraordinary personality. She became the first athlete paid due attention to their appearance. Florence chose even on a treadmill to appear with a flawless manicure and makeup. She picked up the form of bright colors, making it a real style icon.

Florence Delores Griffith

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