The fastest tank in the world

If you’ve always wondered what is the fastest tank in the world, the answer to this question here – the speed of these combat vehicles is considered FV101, if in Russian – «Scorpion». Some believe that it is better to call it a combat reconnaissance vehicles – or, in short, BRM. In English it’s CVR – Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance.


This is the work of British designers that they had created in 1967, in the course of work on the whole family of military equipment. In a series of this tank was sent a bit later – in 1971. Ceased to produce new «Scorpions» in 1996, in total by that time managed to release more than 1,800 copies. They are armed and now they are actively used by the military from 18 countries, among them, of course, UK. «Scorpion» participated in actual combat – he helped peacekeepers to different places in the Persian Gulf, Falkland, etc.



It is no different large dimensions: body length – 4794 millimeters, width 2235 mm height 2102 mm, ground clearance – 356 millimeters. Combat vehicle weighs 7900 kg to Accelerate of Scorpio up to a maximum of 80 km/h without refueling, it can travel 650 km on the highway.

tank Scorpion

The power unit is located in its front part. There is a six-cylinder petrol engine developed by Jaguar and has the function of cooling liquid. The maximum that you can squeeze power unit 195 K. S. it is Noteworthy that the production version of the motor were mounted on the cars, and its output was 260 HP For tank designers had to reduce the features that the unit could work with the army grades of gasoline. But sometimes there FV101 equipped with diesel engines.

To make the tank developed a speed that was not so easy. But the developers found a way out and used a special aluminum alloy. Tower fighting vehicle body assembled from the elements consisting of the alloy of zinc-magnesium-aluminium. Despite the fact that aluminum is the material soft enough, inclusions of refractory metals made the armor strong. The creators of the tank assure that it can protect against 14.5-mm machine gun, reflect fragments of the 105-mm projectiles and provide an excellent level of protection against guns of smaller caliber.



The main weapon of this tank – 76-millimeter automatic cannon L23A1 that stands in front of the tower. Ammunition 40 rounds, shoot of Scorpio smoke projectiles, light, land mines, high-explosive buckshot. The crew of this tank includes three people – need to control commander, gunner and driver-mechanic.

Its main advantages – compact size, high maneuverability and high speed, which gain it where cars are more the size of the drive is simply not. Despite the fact that the tank was designed for reconnaissance, it is often used for patrolling, covering for the infantry, guarding truck convoys of various objects. It is the fastest tank in the world registered in the Guinness book of records. But he has unmanned competitor.

The fastest unmanned tank


There is even more speed tank, he’s the easiest in the world. It was built by the Howe brothers in 2000. This is a small machine called Ripsaw, designed exclusively for the development of high speed. This is the fastest tank in the world capable of accelerating to 100 km/h in four seconds. It is not surprising that the unusual car was soon interested in the armed forces of the United States. It costs about $ 250,000. Now this is a drone tank on the radio.

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