The fastest swimmer in the world

Swimming in ancient times was an extremely popular sport. Over time, the interest in him has only increased. Young people wishing to achieve success in sports often prefer swimming. But as tempting as were the prospects, to achieve remarkable results in this sport only a few succeed. The current fastest swimmer in the world made every effort to become champion and many times win the championship in competitions at various levels.

The fastest swimmer in the world

Michael Phelps is the fastest swimmer on the planet

Today the whole world admires the achievements of American swimmer Michael Phelps, who has set many records at various distances. This athlete was able to show great results in many styles, Testament to his unique abilities and perseverance. Even as a child he showed impressive results: Michael at the age of 10 won the competition among the juniors, showing record results in their age category.

Michael Phelps

The development of sports career

For the first time to participate in the Olympic games Phelps has managed in 15 years. He showed excellent results in the qualifying tournament, and was enrolled in the swim team representing the United States. But in Sydney, the luck was on the side of the young man, and his best result was only the fifth place.

Michael took a year to rehabilitate after the failure at the Olympics. Already in 2001 at the world swimming Championships, he not only won the gold medal, but also became the youngest champion in the sport.

Michael Phelps

In the next four Olympics Michael Phelps have constantly proven their skills and won 23 gold at different distances. Incredible success the athlete has achieved at the Olympic games in Beijing, which took place in 2008. The athlete managed to lead the way in all competitions in which he participated. His piggy Bank is 23 gold awards. Phelps was the only athlete who has won many gold medals.

The secret of success

Michael himself believes that to achieve incredible results in swimming he helped his relentless desire to be the best in their sport. He was given training from the very childhood and had carefully studied all the details of the various styles of swimming. Michael never rested on his laurels and sought to improve their skills.

Besides, to become the world’s fastest swimmer, helped Velba unusual body structure:

  • elongated torso;
  • broad shoulders;
  • extremely long arms;
  • large foot;
  • a bit short in the legs.

Michael Phelps

This combination is ideal for the swimmer. It allows you to move in the water with high speed contributed to the successful career of Michael.

Farewell to big sports

The 2016 Olympic games became the last in career of Michael Phelps. Athlete at the games in Rio de Janeiro managed to win 5 gold medals. After such a successful performance, Michael said that he was leaving the big sport. The athlete decided to end his career in a timely manner, without waiting for a series of failures. Undoubtedly, the achievement of Phelps will be hard to beat the young talented swimmers. The athlete will remain in history as the most successful swimmer and multiple record holder.

Michael Phelps

Cesar Cielo Filho

The fastest swimmer on the planet can be called and the athlete from Brazil Cielo Filho. This 11-fold world champion managed to set records in swimming, which to date have not managed to beat other swimmers. He was able in 2009 to fifty-meter swim distance freestyle for from 46.91 seconds.

Cesar Cielo Filho

Cielo Filho is the only Brazilian swimmer who managed to win the championship at the international swimming competitions. It made him a national hero. Golden time for a swimmer, was the period from 2008 to 2013. Then the athlete has shown excellent results in the competition, bringing the gold to your team. He was a true master in swimming for short distances.

Turned the luck of the athlete recently. Filho showed the best results in the qualifying round before the Olympics in 2016 and was not included in the Brazilian team. In the preliminary heats, he got only the third place.

Achieve the famous swimmer

Cielo Filho for the first time loudly declared itself in Indianapolis, winning a silver medal in international swimming competitions. After that, he managed to become 11-time world champion. Athlete 7 times was awarded the gold medal at the pan American games. Every year he demonstrated the best results.

Cesar Cielo Filho

Successful for the athlete was 2007. Filho was able to win 7 first places and 5 times has set records at various distances. Two years later, participating in the world swimming Championships, the athlete has shown excellent results and has been 5 times awarded with gold medals. At these competitions, he managed 4 times to become the champion. The swimming Championships 2011 added to the collection of the athlete 4 gold medals.

Unpleasant moments in his career Cielo Filho

Had known the swimmer in 2011. At that time the blood of an athlete was found a prohibited substance furosemide. In addition to Filho, a drug found in the tests of three other Brazilian swimmers. Athletes were threatened with disqualification before the world swimming Championships held in Shanghai.

Filho and other swimmers from Brazil failed to prove a National swimming Federation, that they were accidental victims. In a blood drug vitamins that athletes take. After research it was found that a vitamin complex designed for the swimmers, is a forgery. The crew managed to escape only warnings.

Cesar Cielo Filho

But dealing with a prohibited drug was gaining momentum. The decision of the Federation protested FINN. The final point in this dispute has put the court of arbitration for Sport. At the meeting, held in Lausanne, it was decided swimming Federation, the athletes were not disqualified.

In 2016, Filho stated that he leaves the sport. The famous swimmer will long be an example for beginners.

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