The fastest submarine

Almost forty years ago, the beginning of his service unique submarine. This is the fastest submarine set a record, compared to 80.4 km/h. The order of its creation arrived in 1959 and she came from stocks in the mid- ‘ 70s, the Ship was not destined to become mass – was created in a single instance.


The beginning of the path

It all began with the development by the Americans in mid-century new military doctrine — the special strategy of realistic deterrence. America began to develop a Navy to take control of the world’s oceans. Great attention was paid to aircraft carrier battle ships. In the Soviet Union was nothing like that, and to have something to put in contrast, emphasis was placed on submarines. Drawback of the existing submarines was the need for a rocket launch to be on the surface.

The designers received a task to make a cruise missile with underwater launch capability, designed to attack large ships. They have successfully coped with the task, creating a missile system «Amethyst». In new missiles, in addition to the possibility of underwater launch, was the ability of Autonomous control, allowing the submarine to escape from the enemy immediately after impact.


But one missile system was not enough. Need was the fastest submarine, which could carry the deadly projectiles. It then proceeded to project 661 – the submarine K-162 «ANCHAR». The boat K-162 was developed thousands of professionals who have worked in hard conditions. It was necessary not just to create a new boat – it is forbidden to use any solution that was previously used. Needed a car of the future, has no analogues in the world. However, she needs to develop the maximum possible speed – the missile was a small range.

The creation of the legend

The project was led by the great scholar of those times Nicholas Isanin. Being a skilled technician, he almost never was known. The project was completed in December 1960. Almost everyone here was a first. Instead of the usual control system it was the steering wheel. At work mechanisms started to see cameras. Many systems controlled by the automation.

For energy answered a couple of nuclear reactors. The submarine used was designed specifically for her innovative nuclear steam installation. Its power was much higher than any other submarine. Fully fueled, nuclear fuel, it could at full speed four times around the world. For Americans, the development was the subject of a Frank envy.

The greatest attention was paid to reducing noise, while at full speed the fastest submarine is still very much noisy. Automation has significantly reduced the number of crew, and the conditions of life become much better. The cabin was comfortable, had good ventilation, air recycling, system cleaning, heating, possibility of preparation of hot food and ice cream.


The submarine K-162 even visually was nothing like its predecessors – was shaped like a whale, she was nicknamed «goldfish». The choice of material for housing also came out of the box. For the first time, the world used titanium alloy – strong, light weight, corrosion resistant. All this required extra time and delays caused resentment of the government. As a result came to a decision as soon as possible to collect the same boat, but with the steel of the ship – it was another project — 670. It really managed to gather much faster – the first such submarine went on its maiden voyage in 1967. In total there were 17, but the original Titan was still standing in the port.

The end of the service

The finish is reached only at the end of 1969. The launch of the submarine was planned to coincide with the birthday of Leonid Brezhnev – 17 Dec. The test run took place on the 13th. The submarine managed to disperse during the first start up to 77 km/h – this is a record. When the fastest submarine in the world rose to the surface, it could not know all the paint is completely stripped, with the welds smoothed. In a year will be able to update the record speeding up to 83 km/h.


After the tests, the submarine was repainted, and it has become part of the Northern fleet. It was after this, in 1971, was legendary case of the USS Saratoga. He walked to the base in Miami, when the sailors found their haunts a submarine. Leave them on her and failed. Soviet submarine easily able to overtake the carrier, which is proud of US. Americana received a strong blow to the ego.


For all its virtues, was this submarine is inconvenient to use, it is often repaired. The most serious accident happened in the late 70-ies. Due to the fact that we had to make time during the scheduled repair was a mistake, began to accelerate the reactor without supply of water. Saved the boat broke the main pump compensator, several compartments flooded with radioactive water, people were not injured. The state Commission ordered to replace the broken mechanism, but the submarine was in a single copy, and the proceedings on which it was created, has already been disbanded. However, experts managed to produce the problem, and the submarine worked for many years. Disposed of the legendary machine, which he received from the Americans the nickname «Papa», only in 2010.

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