The fastest runner in the world

Running is one of those sports where a decisive triumph or defeat is determined by fractions of a second. Of course, any sporting event requires participants to better fitness and a high concentration of moral and volitional qualities, but the example runs the thirst for victory can be seen vividly! It is necessary to collect all forces in a fist and to stay ahead of rivals at least for a moment – and you’re a hero! However, it just can not. So who is now the fastest runner in the world? Meet Usain Bolt!

The fastest runner in the worldUsain Bolt

Undoubtedly, this name is known even very far from sports people. There is nothing surprising here, because Usain is able to develop running speed 44,73 km/h (or 12.5 m/s), and because of this, it is the title of the fastest man on the planet. Bolt is a recognized Sprinter: all of its main achievements and records associated with the 100-meters, where the Jamaican is unmatched.

Biography and career development

Usain Bolt born 21 August 1986, the Jamaican village of Sherwood Content in the family of the owner of a grocery store. His childhood was unremarkable: the boy went to school, and free time to devote to playing cricket, which, however, gave some hope. Once the competition young Bolt noticed Pablo McNeil – the athletics coach, who has worked at the school where the tournament was held. But noticed not because of technical ability in the cricket MacNeil was amazed by the speed potential of the young man, his explosive starting speed and aggressiveness. Trainer is highly advised Usain to begin to engage in athletics, Bolt and listened to the advice. In 2001 in the championship of Jamaica among secondary school pupils the Bolt took silver in the race for two-hundred-meter distance.

The famous Jamaican SprinterThe famous Jamaican Sprinter

A year later, Usain won the same race at the world Championships among athletes under the age of 20 years, breaking the 200m for 20,61 seconds. It is symbolic that the first gold Bolt won in the capital of his native country – Kingston. At the end of the same year, Usain was awarded the title of the main rising stars in the world of athletics.

Persistently practicing and improving performance from year to year, the Jamaican is gradually paid more attention to the women’s 100 meters, and the Beijing Olympics 2008 came in great shape, ready for great achievements. They are not long in coming: Usain Bolt always takes the gold at the three summer Olympiads in three different disciplines: 100 m, 200 m and 4×100 team relay m national team of Jamaica. The same tremendous achievement surrendered at the world Championships in 2009, 2013 and 2015 years of Impressive, isn’t it?

The best performance

In fact, to the Beijing Olympics, Bolt did not participate in the single competitions at the 100m. But the debut was a success – a new world speed record (of 9.69 sec) and instant star and top athlete.

A year later, at the world Cup in Germany, the Jamaican lifted the bar even higher, improving his own record by 0.11 seconds – 9,58!

The best performance of Usain BoltThe best performance of Usain Bolt

No less outstanding results Usain showed in the race for 200 meters, And here everything happened the same way: gold and new record in the Olympiad 2008 (19,3 sec), and a year – improving their own record on the same 0,11 seconds! Figure of 19.19 sec in the 200m freestyle and is now unreachable for the top applicants. And in 2014, the Bolt was subjected to one more not ordinary achievements: Jamaican Sprinter set a record for the race at 100 m indoors – 9,98 seconds. Before that no man could run 100m indoors in less than 10 seconds!

So what is the secret of success?

As you know, professional athletes, especially the victors of the Olympic games, which are frequent and stringent anti-doping checks. Now, none of them showed that the body of Usain Bolt were illegal substances and drugs. After the overwhelming success at the Olympics in Beijing, the Jamaican took part in numerous scientific studies.

The thing in the physical characteristics of the body of the Bolt and its genetics. First, he has a very big growth for the Sprinter of 1.97 m, and because of this, he is able to overcome the huge steps to 2.83 m. Thus, to overcome the 100m to him, subject to constant acceleration, enough to 40-43 steps, while opponents usually carry more than 45 steps.

Wysocarski Sprinter - Usain BoltTall Sprinter — Usain Bolt

Another interesting fact is that usually with such a high growth in the muscle is well developed the slow fibers, which give greater endurance, and Bolt the vast majority of these fibers -fast, so that he can develop incredible speed. According to statistics, in Usain the process of running makes average 4.25 step per second, and its maximum speed is 4.42 steps/sec. At the same time, a large part of the race, the Jamaican holds in a state of flight without touching the ground.

Last but not least the almost complete absence of serious long-term injuries in the athlete: from the time of the Beijing Olympics, Bolt did not take off due to damage longer than 2.5 months.

A total of all of these aspects give him the opportunity to carry the title of the fastest man on earth.

What is its maximum value?

Record Usain Bolt on the 100m – 9,58 seconds. That is, it is easy to calculate that the speed averages 37.57 per km/h. But we should not forget that sprint is divided into 3 stages: the initial spurt, running on the course and finish line, and each of these phases have different rates of speed. The study showed that during his already legendary run most Bolt ran between the 60-ties and 80-th. meters. This distance, the athlete slipped over of 1.62 sec, and right here was recorded the highest rate – 44,73 km/h. the Last 20 meters Usain ran more relaxed, knowing that he had already won. Researchers have little doubt that, run the Bolt at full speed on the final straight, the result would have been even more outstanding.

The maximum rate of speed Usain BoltThe maximum rate of speed Usain Bolt

Whatever it was, and the athlete, and numerous experts in athletics say that for 9.58 seconds for 100 meters is not a limit of possibilities of an organism and in the near future may be a new record. But it is unlikely the story was destined again to rewrite the Bolt, the great Jamaican after the world Cup 2017 is going to finish his career, as already announced.

Personal life

Usain Bolt lives in Kingston. From late 2011 to mid 2012. he had a relationship with the Slovak modelersha Ljubica Kucerova, and on the eve of the summer Olympic games in London, met with British athlete Megan Edwards. However, this novel also did not last long – by the end of the same year they broke up.

As of 2015, the Bolt is on the 42nd place in the ranking of the richest athletes Forbes magazine, earned for the year of 27 million dollars.

Since 2011, Usain is the owner of the restaurant «Tracks & Records» in Kingston.

Usain Bolt - official representative of brand PumaUsain Bolt — official representative of brand Puma

During the past 13 years, the Bolt – the official representative of the brand Puma. Such a long collaboration is not only mutual financial benefit, but also a great love of the athlete in the outfit of this company since childhood. According to Usain, at the beginning of his long journey in athletics Puma believed in him and supported, and he should value it.

Since 2009, Bolt has the care of the Kenyan Cheetah named «Lightning», which was discovered during a business trip to Kenya 3-month old baby. His parents were killed by poachers, and Usain gave the family shelter, with an annual contribution of $ 3,000 to its contents.

The bolt has the care of the Kenyan CheetahThe bolt has the care of the Kenyan Cheetah

Usain Bolt is a devoted fan of English football club «Manchester United». He once whether in jest, whether seriously said that desperately wants to be a player of this team after a career of the athlete. They say, strength is still enough speed to it not to occupy, and it is only necessary to grasp the main football tactical aspects.

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