The fastest rapper in the world

Few people know, but the first phrase, filled with a recitative, the world heard in the performance is not a rapper, but Italian actor and singer Adriano Celentano. And only after decades of this style of music gained its popularity in the United States of America. At first it read solely for pleasure, today it is one of the components of hip-hop music.

The fastest rapper in the world

Rapping under the heavy bit is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. It is a complex technique that is perfected over the years, and her goal is high speech rate with clear diction. Today, there are many rappers, but real heights in this art reached only a few. So, who is the fastest rapper in the world?

Eminem is the best indicator?

At the mere mention of the name of this rapper in my head immediately starting to sound like lines from his song «Break Ya Neck». Become a rapper it was inspired by a tape with records of Ice-T, once given to his uncle. First, Marshall Bruce Mathers III (as is the real name of Eminem) participated in street battles in which victory was given to him with enviable ease, and later he has already gained real popularity in the street public. But not so simple. MS blacks believed that white does not have the ability to read slogans and argued their point of view rather rudely.

Eminem is the best indicator

And after 8 years, Eminem made his debut on the big stage in the group «Soul Intent». His career rapidly went up the hill today and he rightfully carries the title of one of the most popular musicians of the world. For 49 seconds Eminem can read 265 words – the rate is quite decent, but not the first.

El Chojin – record Guinness

In 2008, the Spaniard Domingo Moreno was listed in the Guinness book of records. According to that publication at that time he was considered the fastest rapper in the world. In 60 seconds he was able to give 921 the composition of the recitative. This speed is more than impressive.

u Chojin

Domingo Moreno was born in 1977 in the city of Madrid. The debut of El Chojin took place in 1992 in the composition of the group «995» and «Wild for da Night». And for his solo career, he released over a dozen albums with rap-placers, the most popular of which was the album called «Striptease». Most of his lyrical works tapped social implication, where Domingo Moreno opposes violence, use of drugs, alcohol and racism. And some of his songs were selected for the human rights of shares.

But even his record was eventually broken!

Who is today the most?

The fastest rapper in the world at the moment is not colored by and not even American. He is originally from Turkey where he was born in 1977 in a medium wealthy family. Bilgin Schalken was quite a lazy child not interested in studies. He had two favorite Hobbies are sports and music. At the end of the Professional Industrial high school he became an electrician, but still continued to dream about a career in music.

Knew Schalken (Ceza)

In the mid-90s Bilgin Schalken has made a clear decision to become a rapper. Cassette rap records inspired him to write his own texts, and later he met a producer and started performing in the group «Nefret». But the concerts in the clubs not made a splash and glory was slow. Only after Bilgin Ascalon, which is now known under the name of Ceza, began a solo career, became recognizable. Increasingly he was asked to perform at various musical events, participate in advertising and festivals. And it worked!


Today Jez is not just rapstar, MS, he is the fastest rapper in the world, which managed 2 minutes, 38 seconds to play 1267 words! In this case the contractor is not going to stop there and maybe soon the world will get a new record for the reading of the rap. We just have to wait! Or someone wants to compete with the true king of recitative?

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