The fastest missile in the world

Do you know which country has the fastest missile in the world? Of course, it is Russia, which again causes a feeling of pride for our country. The Americans, who are constantly trying to be the first in the world and participate directly in the arms race, made a statement that they have created the fastest rocket in the world. But is this really so? Let’s deal.

Russian antimissile 53T6 (ABM system A-135)

Russian antimissile 53T6 (ABM system A-135)

This missiles of Soviet era can be called the fastest missile in the world, because the maximum speed of its flight is equal to about 5 km/s or more than 19500 km/h). Agree that this speed is just incredibly huge! This missiles were developed in 1971, and adopted it was staged in 1989. 53T6 length is 10 meters, its diameter equal to one meter, and the mass of missiles equal to 10 tons. Up to its maximum speed, the rocket accelerates in just 3 seconds, while reloading, which she feels, is more than 100 g. To a height of thirty kilometers 53T6 rises in five seconds.

When tests were conducted of missiles, witnesses said that it was impossible to see how she comes out of the silo, and it was difficult to trace all the moments of its flight. That’s how high speed!

The launch of a missile 53T6 (ABM system A-135)

The main purpose of this missile is to close to intercept ballistic missiles. The intercept can be carried out at a height of 15-30 kilometers, and the rate of intercept range is 80-100 miles. Thus, the AMM can perfectly cope with a highly mobile and high-altitude hypersonic objects. At the moment, 53T6, in spite of such ancient origin that is used for the defense of our capital.

Antimissile 53T6

Technical parameters of the missile 53T6 long been under the sign of «top secret» and today there are a lot of questions about the «stuffing» of this weapon. The flight characteristics of this missile is truly unique in the whole world not to find anything like it. Our designers tried to glory!

American missile X-51F Waverider

It was about this rocket and is referred to in the beginning of the article, the Americans declared that it can be safely attributed to the category of the fastest missiles in the world. Creating this hypersonic missile with wings, American developers have aimed to reduce the time of flight of high-precision cruise missiles. Of course, they could do something – their rocket flew at a speed which is five times the speed of sound. However, it is still not as fast as flying the Russian anti-missile missile – the maximum speed of the X-51F Waverider is 7000 km/h, which, of course, can be called a truly great speed, but it is much below the speed of the Russian missiles.

American missile X-51F Waverider

The first test of the American missile was carried out in 2007 (though tested only one of the engines). Full-scale testing, the Americans managed to spend in two years – while the creators of attached X-51F Waverider to the b-52. It was during this flight the rocket showed powerful speed that is five times greater than sound. However, the check this the fastest missile in the world was not very successful because the creators several times encountered some obstacles that forced them to postpone the test.

As a result, the rocket still managed to run with the bomber and record the required parameters. Later, however, she had to sink to the bottom of the Pacific ocean, but that didn’t happen, as due to some failures the developers had to send the system of the rocket signal to self destruct. And took the missile tests 200 seconds that missiles of this type is considerable.

American missile X-51F Waverider in flight

But representatives military-air forces of the USA after launching hypersonic cruise missiles were happy because this is of great importance to create a jet aircraft. But the missile test will have to continue – so the Americans are planning to create a powerful weapon with which you as soon as possible to strike at any point of the Earth.

Thus, we can conclude that the fastest missile in the world still belongs to the Russian Federation. And knowing what a miracle our Russian (and even Soviet) technology, protects our Homeland, we can be absolutely sure.

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