The fastest land animal

The ability to move with great speed – one of the main quality terrestrial animals survive in the wild. Some of these fauna due to the fast run, escape from predators, other thus produce their own food. Among all the land animals are the undisputed leaders, who can compete in speed with the cars. They are in a matter of seconds develop a high speed, chasing their prey or to escape from threats. Among them there is a record that gets the laurels of victory in the category of «fastest land animal».

the fastest land animal

The Cheetah is the record holder in speed

On the African continent and the middle East there are a predator of the cat family, Cheetah. This is what recognized as the fastest animal on the planet. Cheetah was not waiting in ambush for its prey, which is characteristic of all members of his species, and pursues her. The animal differs from relatives appearance: he has highly developed muscles and a lean body. Because cheetahs fat is virtually not delayed, they may even seem fragile. But this is misleading. In fact, the predator has an impressive size, weighing about 65 kg, height – 90 cm, length maximum 140 cm


Cheetahs hunt only during the day. Because they live in areas with open terrain, they have no opportunity to attack suddenly from the shelter, and the victim has to catch up. But for cheetahs it is not a particular problem as they are the fastest animals on the planet, moving across the land. Cheetahs possess the following characteristics:

  • animal maximum speed – 140 km/h;
  • 3 seconds, the Cheetah accelerates to 112 km/h;
  • in 5 seconds they develop the maximum speed;
  • the length of one jump of up to 8 m;
  • to run very fast these animals can only be up to 500 meters.

To develop a high speed architecture allows the unique structure of their body. They have a flexible spine, thanks to which during the run is almost torn off paw from the surface. To maintain balance helps the tail, whose length can be up to 80 cm from the Claws of the Cheetah are not removed and serve as a kind of spikes make it easy to maneuver during the chase. The animals have very well developed respiratory system that allows them to run at extremely high speed.


Not much inferior in speed to the Cheetah pronghorn antelope. According to the latest data, these animals can move with a maximum speed of 98 km/h. But as quickly as the pronghorn runs only in case of threat to life. After several minutes of sprinting antelope, a little break. But with a speed of 60-65 km/h animals can easily migrate long distances without rest. Pronghorn live on the North American continent.



Among the leaders in the movement is quick and Wildebeest. If the animal suspects a threat, she flees, reaching speeds of 80 km/h. Such a high growth rate antelope preserve a long time, so for the predators they are very easy prey. These bovids Africans are often located in open areas where the approach of dangerous animals can be seen from a distance.



The lions also can develop greater speed. These animals can accelerate to 80 km/h, though running so quickly is extremely rare. For maximum acceleration the lion needs a minute, so the animals prefer to attack a victim from ambush. In addition, they prefer to hunt in groups, which increases the chances of catching prey. Lions live in Africa and Asia.


Gazelle Grant

Not inferior in speed to the lion the Gazelle Grant. The animal in case of danger, can move at speeds up to 80 km/h and it only confirmed data. To biologists it is difficult to determine the maximum performance. Grant’s Gazelle lives in the Eastern part of African continent. These cloven-hoofed animals prefer to be in an open area with low vegetation, which can hide predators. Sensing danger, the Gazelle because of his speed skillfully hiding from persecution by flight.

Gazelle grant


Speed riding horses can reach 76 km/h, and it is only just an established average. According to some witnesses, these horses can move at a speed of 88 km/h. These equids animals living in the wild, there are very few. But domesticated horses are found in almost every corner of the planet.



Among the fastest animals on land, are and elk. These large ruminants can reach the speed of 72 km/hour. In addition to the speed, moose are an enormous threat. Due to such characteristics elk rarely become prey to predators. The usual habitat of the moose – Northern hemisphere. Animals can be found on the plains of the steppe and in the forests.


Hyenas dog

To travel short distances with a maximum speed of 72 km/km are hyenas dogs. These jerks animals are doing, escaping from danger or chasing prey. Hyenas dogs usually move at a speed of 55 km/h. They are extremely hardy and can chase prey for hours. Common animals on the African continent.

hyenas dog


Coyotes can have a top speed of 69 km/h. With this speed, they can overcome small distance, but it’s enough to catch prey or hide from danger. Most often, long meadow wolves stalking their victims, and only then attack. Coyotes are good swimmers, which allows them to replenish their diet with fish. Animals live in North America.


The gray Fox

Quick and agile gray Fox is also in the leaders for speed. Animals while hunting with a speed of 67 km/h. a Distinctive quality gray foxes are climbing trees, others cannot and their relatives. Animals may be found on the American continents.

the gray Fox

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