The fastest helicopter in the world

Nowadays, helicopters are used for military and peaceful purposes. Many countries around the world are trying to design such air machine, which would be different high speed settings. And what is the fastest helicopter in the world? In fact, today the speed record for helicopters was beaten three cars, and one of the records is officially registered and belongs to a serial machine, and the other two are unconfirmed.

1 Westland Lynx

Helicopter Westland Lynx

The fastest helicopter in the world, established by the British for military purposes, made its first flight in 1971. But it is worth noting that the standard model of this machine speed can accelerate up to 260 km/h. However, the developers of the machine, after completing its revision (helicopter equipped with special blades, and engine power increased by forty percent), were able to get her development in the air is much greater than the speed of the machine was able to fly at a speed that was a little more than 400 km/h.

Westland Lynx is in service with many countries

For serial helicopters of this figure was a record. Now this helicopter put in service in many countries, and in some he even used the police.

2 Sikorsky X2

The Helicopter Sikorsky X2

«Surpassed» by its speed Westland Lynx helicopter Sikorsky X2 (in 2010), created in a single copy and for experimental purposes by the company «Sikorsky Aircraft» (USA), which was founded by our compatriot Igor Sikorsky. This helicopter, showing that he is able to fly at a speed of just over 468 km/h, becoming the fastest helicopter in the world. In the entire history of aviation no known cases much higher speeds, so the helicopter was able to surprise many. Its developers also claim that it is capable of still greater speed, which can achieve a 474-km/h. But in fact such data to register has not yet succeeded.

The developers are trying to improve the speed parameters of the Sikorsky X2

The developers of the helicopter trying to find new opportunities to increase its speed. The main problem that they face builders of helicopters have blades at supersonic speed. But because of this loss of stability that can become a cause of the accident. To avoid this, builders Sikorsky X2 to make the balance even better tried by supplementing her body with the wing, which is very similar to an aircraft. Also in the tail of the helicopter mounted pusher propeller. Work to improve the characteristics of the helicopter are maintained to this day – perhaps soon the world will be presented a new model helicopter, able to beat all world records for speed.

3 Eurocopter X3

The Eurocopter X3

Another unofficial speed record boasts the Eurocopter X3. He was able to develop in-flight speed of 473 km/h. But a couple of days before installation of the speed record car was able to fly at a speed of 487 km/h. Therefore, it can confidently be called the fastest helicopter in the world.

Representatives of the company «Eurocopter», said that the X3 was created to demonstrate the hybrid helicopter that can fly fast and far. The company intends to produce a family of similar helicopters that will take part in the rescue operations, be used as a corporate transport and military purposes.

The company Eurocopter plans to hold a family of helicopters X3

X3 first flight took place in 2010. Since there is a constant refinement of the machine, so it and was able to show such impressive rates of speed. The highest speed was achieved at altitude 3,000 meters, and the flight continued for almost forty minutes. To achieve high speed of the helicopter propeller 2 help side, provide horizontal thrust, and a short wing creates lift and reduces the load on the main rotor almost fifty percent.

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