The fastest footballer in the world

The most important and integral feature for a player are speed, especially given the realities of modern sport. Each year, the audience admires the playing of such Virtuosi as Eden hazard, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo. Nobody thinks that the last two left, frankly, not much time to be on top, because Kryry already 30, and Leo, 28, a pretty decent age for players in their roles. The only thing that reminds of athletes after a career – it is their records. Since we are talking about speed, it is easy to guess what the topic is about fleet-footed players, but rather on the swift.

Arjen Robben

For the 2014 world Cup, thanks to the phenomenal the RAID from their own half, Robben accelerated to the speed of 37 km/h! Compared to the previous record, which belonged to the Englishman Feasibility study to Wolcott, was equal to 35 km/h, and the main «runner» of our time Usain Bolt runs 44 km/h. Short, bald, and smug, the words that are associated with winger bundesmarine the Netherlands and Bayern Munich. If you look carefully at his biography, it is worth noting that he had not graduated from the Academy of Ajax Amsterdam, which is very unusual for a big Dutch players.

Quick Arjen Robben

Their first years of his professional career, a young Arjen spent in Groningen and PSV Eindhoven. At the age of 20 years, it drew the attention of scouts from Chelsea, who invited him to the team, «the aristocrats» where he spent 3 wonderful seasons, and then was taken over by another European club real Madrid. In Spain everything went not so well, because the Dutchman was constantly tormented by injuries and he just lost the competition, and after buying his position is Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009 and really hung nose, Packed their bags and moved to Munich. It was there that he became a star of the European football and indispensable part in the mechanism called Bavaria.


In 2013, the last match under the leadership of Jupp Heynckes’s Bayern won the Champions League, and Robben himself has removed himself from the curse of the «finals» and scored the goal for Borussia Dortmund winning goal. Summing up, it should say steel on the nature of your pet famous Dutch school of football, after all, despite all the difficulties and trauma that happened to him the plight of a football player, he’s going and he proved that he is the best. While only in speed, but it just yet.

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