The fastest birds in the world

If we consider the animal Kingdom, that not one representative of the animal Kingdom does not compare with feathered speed. Estimating the speed of birds, not only take into account the speed in horizontal and dive. They can travel long distances and help them in this great wings. Let’s find out which birds are the fastest in the world.


Teal-gadwall - waterfowl of the duck familyTeal-gadwall — waterfowl of the duck family

The bird is notable for the fact that he prefers to live in packs. During the flight, she manages to reach the speed of 109 km/h. According to the classification it belongs to the ducks and is one of the most common types. Number Teal-gadwall surpasses even the mallards, who lives practically around the world. The body length of an adult is 53-59 cm


The eider is a large sea bird of the duck familyThe eider is a large sea bird of the duck family

Despite the fact that the greater part of his life, these birds spend in the water, in flight they are able to develop good speed. However, they fly very rarely and are low because their main food is in the water. Gaga’s rise into the air for flight. To do this, the birds lined up in a wedge and can reach speeds of up to 113 km/h. it is Also worth noting that these birds are excellent divers and can dive under water up to 20 m.


Dive - bird of the duck familyDive — bird of the duck family

Also applies to ducks and stands out from other types of long neck. Interestingly, flies of the kidneys difficult, making the distinctive sound of wings. But, this does not prevent him to develop a good speed of up to 116 km/h. Feeds on buds mainly plants and roots. Despite the outward grace that gives the birds neck, it moves clumsily.

The hobby

The hobbyThe hobby is a small bird of prey of the Falcon family

In the list of fastest birds in the world you can see enough members of the family Falcon. In horizontal flight the Teal can reach speeds up to 160 km/h. This bird impresses with its appearance, it is not only fast but also elegant. I wonder what the hobby is very hectic, if you are next to neighbors, then he will surely enter the fray. The bird is an excellent hunter, because it can see the insect from a distance of 200 meters.

Globosity swift

Globosity swiftGlobosity swift — a relative of the swallow speeds up to 170 km/h

Many call it the best flier. Little birds do not learn to fly and just fall down from the nest and are immediately on the wing. If you compare with other birds, the swift most of the time spends in the air. The most prominent lethal capabilities among Swifts is considered globosity the kind that lives in Siberia. A relative of the swallow speeds up to 170 km/h.


EagleThe Golden eagle is one of the best known birds of prey of the hawk family

This bird belongs to the predators and is considered the most ruthless during a hunt. The Golden eagles are very large and strong, while females are much larger than males. Their flight speed is 300 km/h. Predator stands out not only speed, but excellent eyesight. In this case, the vigilance he has only in the daytime. When hunting small animals like the hare, the eagle sees it at a distance of 2 km

The peregrine Falcon is the fastest bird in the world

The peregrine Falcon is the fastest bird in the worldThe peregrine Falcon is the fastest bird in the world

Bird can reach speeds up to 380 km/h, but only at the peak. During hunting peregrine Falcon uses a special technique. Seeing the victim, he rises high in the sky, and then plummeted down. During the flight, the peregrine Falcon knocks the prey with blows of his paws. As a result, the victim may shatter into several pieces. During horizontal flight speed of the train is 100 km/h to Chase prey, the bird begins, seeing her at a distance of 1.5 km.

Watch the fastest bird in the world is interesting because it is a beautiful sight. Some of them create in the sky in a beautiful pattern, going to warmer climates, others in splendid isolation go hunting.

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