The fastest bird in the world

No other land or water animal will not be able to compete in speed of movement with the birds. To answer the question: «What is the fastest bird in the world?» can only be the case if we evaluate all birds based on their flight characteristics. The fact that some birds develop a maximum airspeed in the dive, because for most of the birds characteristic of ordinary horizontal flight.

The leader of the diving flight

Peregrine Falcon – the fastest bird on Earth. It can be found in any corner of the globe, except Antarctica.

Peregrine Falcon

The size of the Falcon is not particularly different from the usual crows. Representative of the family of Falcon with a black head, grey wings and light grey belly truly worthy of the title » the fastest thing in the world.» According to our measurements, in a dive the peregrine Falcon can reach speeds up to 322 km/h. Agree, not every vehicle is going to succeed.

It is very interesting to observe how the hunting Falcon. He plans in the sky in search of another prey. Selecting a suitable victim, he stands up, and then with incredible speed coming down, hitting the selected «candidate» close to the body legs. The collision is so great that even fairly large, the victim may lose his head.

The fastest bird in level flight

The record in this flight was swift. Without the dive, the flight speed of these birds reaches 160 kilometers per hour.

Black swift

Despite the fact that the peregrine Falcon is considered the fastest bird on the planet, for flight from one point to another it will need 1.5 times more time than a small swift. Black tower or the Swifts fly so fast due to its small body size and low weight.

The main habitat of these birds is Asia and Central Europe, but they winter in India and Africa. Swifts are found mainly in the settlements and rarely dwell in the wild forests.

The fastest land bird

Do you know what is the biggest bird, also still one of the fastest? Of course, it is an ostrich. If the birds sense danger, they can accelerate to 70 km/h, step width when running is 4-5 m. the height of an ostrich up to 2.5 meters and weighs 150 kg.


The ostrich is a flightless bird with a thick body, elongated neck, big beautiful eyes and long fluffy lashes. What is more typical ostriches? The broad beak is large in size, underdeveloped wings, strong hind legs with which they run with such speed. Despite the fact that the plumage is exactly the same evenly all over the body, on the chest there is a bare land, it relies ostrich, lying on the ground. The main difference between females and males of sizes and colors. Males have brighter plumage, and the size of them a bit more. Live ratites these flightless birds in Africa, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The biggest bird in the world, a photo which looks quite funny, found in the desert steppes and savannas. They live in families consisting of one male, several females and cubs. Can be grazed with other animals, warning them of possible danger.

Ostriches eat plants, at least with insects, rodents or reptiles. Young Chicks are fed only with animal food. These birds don’t have teeth, so for grinding food, they have to swallow rocks.

Males form a pair only with alpha females. Breeding a pit of eggs laid by all females, the male rake. To sit on the Chicks – the work of «Pope», the dominant female buries the eggs in sand. Since the day of the eggs for a long time may be left unattended, most of the Chicks are killed. Born, the Chicks on the second day go in search of food. Live ostriches from 65 to 75 years.

The largest bird of prey in the world

This title deserves harpy. Found in nature in three harpies: Guiana, new Guinea the world’s largest South American. The distance between the outstretched wings of this predator reaches 220 cm, it weighs about 12 kg. harpy Lives in the tropics of America.

The South American harpy

The main weapon of the harpy – sharp claws that reach a length of 13 centimeters. This beauty is capable of a distance of 200 meters to see the coin. These large birds can be considered as the killing machines, because they can accelerate to 80 km/h.

Today in the world there are at least 50 thousand species, therefore this species is under protection.

Largest wingspan of the birds

The world’s best birds, one of the main distinguishing characteristics is the wingspan. Scientists have long been interested in the records, let’s talk about birds with a large distance between the expanded wings.

Wandering Albatross

Wandering Albatross

The record for wingspan was unique sea bird, attains a 117-inch length. The average length of a wandering Albatross 10-30 years. The muscular sweep of the wings reaches 363 inches, which is 3 times bigger than her torso.

Tractinsky Albatross

Tractinsky Albatross

Archipelago Tristan da Cunha, located in the southern part of the Atlantic ocean, lives tractinsky Albatross with a wingspan of 350 cm, making it a great plans in the sky. Tail tristancho Albatross is very similar with a wandering Albatross. To date, this species is on the verge of extinction.

The Amsterdam Albatross

The Amsterdam Albatross

Another major representative albatrosow is the Amsterdam Albatross. The distance between the expanded wings he only has 10 inches less than tristancho Albatross. Live these beauties exclusively in the Amsterdam Islands. In the world there are approximately 100 individuals, so they belong to endangered species.

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