The fastest bike in the world

Fans of high speeds prefer sport cars. And bikes are almost always left in last place, because they can not drive so fast, as do cars. However, in our time have a unique two-wheeled vehicles, which are able to develop more speed. And what the bike is considered to be the fastest bike in the world?

Black Trail from PG-Bikes

Bike Black Trail from PG-Bikes

In 2010 the famous German car manufacturer presented the lightest and fastest bike in the world, which also is very expensive. This vehicle weighing up to 18 kg can reach the speed of 100 km/h, which is an impressive figure for two-wheeled vehicles. The cost is approximately $ 80,000, but the first copy was purchased for $ 120,000.

Black Trail BT-01 – no ordinary speed Bicycle. Under the frame it has the engine capacity, which is equal to 1.2 kV. It is this element and it allows this innovative electric bike to accelerate to high speeds. Nourishes engine motor Li-ion battery, has a capacity, which is enough to move the bike to 200 km. the charging Time of the electrical systems ranges from thirty minutes to three hours, after which the bike can travel long distance.

Black Trail engine under the frame

Ergonomic, stylish design, use in the construction of high-tech materials (titanium, carbon fiber, aluminum, carbon fiber, magnesium), onboard computer, stop-signals, the seat trim and handles expensive skin – all this makes the bike the subject of dreams of lovers of active leisure. And despite its high cost, there is a lot of people wanting to buy this two-wheeled vehicle for movement.

All of these bikes released in the amount of 667 copies. The manufacturer suggests customers who are going to buy a bike, choose an individual serial number. Several of these electric vehicles, which already appeared on the pages of the Book of Records, has been purchased by collectors. However, the speed of developing this vehicle is not the highest – there are models of bikes that can move with even greater speed.

Bike Eta

Bike Eta

This development of the company AeroVelo can move at speeds up to 140 km/h. In addition, it is one of the fastest cars in the world, it still is a very interesting appearance. The name of the bike got from the Greek letters meaning «speed». Agree that this vehicle at first glance it’s hard to call a bike. It is created with an aerodynamic shell, which the creators called «cocoon». Thanks to this shell, the bike looks very interesting, but also has much less resistance, which is «cool» sports cars.

The internal structure of the Eta bike

This bike has no windshield and the driver inside the cocoon that is almost lying down and watching what was going on outside thanks to a small camera. The makers of miracle-bike declare that while this design will not be produced for the broader market, the main task of the Eta has yet to show speed bikes that speed can be much greater.

Bike at breakneck speed from Francois Gissy

Bike-rocket from Francois Gissy

This vehicle cyclist Francois Gissy managed to set a new speed record in category two-wheel – rider has a top speed of 333 km/h. For acceleration to this speed, took only 4.8 seconds. Therefore, this vehicle may justifiably be called the fastest bike in the world. The first time the thrill pushed the bike up to 286 km/h. And now the Frenchman wants to get the bike to even greater speeds of 400 km/h.

Feature of this bike, created by a Frenchman together with his friend, is the availability of the rocket engine (its power is equal to 560 HP), which was manufactured by Swedish company Exotic Thermo Engineering. Bike-the rocket has a slightly elongated design, but in appearance quite like a normal bike. He has a pedal, without which the vehicle with bike be called. Move pedal, a Frenchman may, if not in a hurry.

Bike-rocket can easily compete with sports car

Fuel for the bike-the rocket is a concentrated 90-prezentare hydrogen peroxide. Fuel is affected by the silver catalyst, which contributes to its decay into oxygen and water, for high pressure in the engine chamber. The bike is designed to easily withstand very high speed. With unparalleled acceleration, the Bicycle-the rocket can easily compete with sports car Ferrari F430. The latter on the background of the bike-rocket looked at the next arrival of the Frenchman rather slow vehicle.

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