The fastest and easiest chopper in the world

The helicopter in the strategic plan is much better than the plane. Little rotor helicopter, which is waiting for you in the glade near the house, most like a dream of their own vehicle, particularly where no road access. She doesn’t need a runway, it is more maneuverable and able to take off without the airfield. But if the helicopter still can fly with the speed of the plane, it just opens up unlimited possibilities for its use.

The fastest helicopter

Today, it is the model of the Sikorsky x2, released in 2008, in a single copy in the design of American company «Sikorsky Aircraft». The speed of the experimental model was 460 km \ h, but according to its creators, the ceiling may reach 14 km more (474 mph).


The problem faced by all designers of high — speed machines at tremendous speeds disrupted the stability of the structure and the blades begin to rotate unevenly. In the model, Sikorsky solved the issue with balance due to additional aircraft wing and pushes shestilopastnye screw. His rotors are rotated in opposite directions, and the range is 1300 km, Powerful engine contains 1563 HP and easily lifts 3600 kg of air. And distinctive features are simplicity of control, efficiency and low noise.

Fly-by-wire control of a helicopter (without any mechanical connection) when the pilot gives commands to the computer, enabled to suppress the vibration actively and implement a simple transition to autorotation in case of engine failure.


The cost of the pilot program totaled $ 50 million, and soon she was collapsed, all the necessary technology for military helicopter rider worked.

Another aerial vehicles that claim the title of «the fastest helicopter in the world.» It’s a hybrid helicopter X3, built on the basis of a Eurocopter 155. Carries most of the load and the tail rotor rotors, but without additional static short wings with an additional gas turbine engines of the helicopter would not be able to achieve a record speed.


The engines are from rolls Royce with a total capacity of 2270 L. S. were able to set the record 471,5 mph in 2013, breaking the record x2 on a single node. Moreover, during the descent from the height of the helicopter is accelerated to the speed of 487 mph but the record was disallowed because the movement in the horizontal plane.

Thanks to the speed and the ability to take off and land vertically without a runway, the range of tasks for the helicopter rests big: the rescue operation at greater distances, the evacuation of the wounded and patrolling. In the future I plan to release on the basis of this model new high-speed helicopter for the needs of the European Commission.


Record cruise speed — 407 km / h has long been beaten and the conventional wisdom is that the helicopter flies slowly and definitively refuted. Of course, the fastest plane with its 1470 kmh helicopter will reach not soon, but now the time savings outweigh all the costs of operating such a hybrid machine.

The light helicopter

It was released by a Japanese company in 2010. This single machine Gen-4 that weighs 70 kg, but is able to lift up to 210 kg Helicopter it is possible to assign the title of the smallest.


It consists of 2 four-meter propellers and twin cylinder engines with a small seat on wheels, located in a light frame made of aluminium. The helicopter without a tail, as its design is equipped with coaxial screws of principle.

The speed which develops the vehicle to 100 km per hour and it varies depending on the weight of the passenger. Drive the light helicopter as simply as possible, enough to listen to simple instructions. And the flight is completely safe — in case of failure of one engine it is possible to hold on at the second, and in case of failure two — to carry out emergency braking or plan on a parachute. Is the unit 35 thousand dollars if you order 10 pieces. The helicopter can stay in the air from 30 minutes to an hour.


The cheapest helicopter

If the Japanese model is manufactured individually and to order, that the cheap production gas-turbine helicopter in history and there were helicopters of the American company «Robinson Helicopter».


Frank Robinson released in 1973, only three models (R22,44,66), but this project proved commercially very successful. Price R44 today — from 400 thousand dollars, but double the 22nd model in 1979 was worth only 98 thousand for the price of a flight hour for about 68 dollars. Therefore, the ideal helicopter for private owners dispersed around the world in more than 4 thousand copies.


The best helicopter

Helicopters are able to perform many functions and they cannot be avoided in any field. Helicopter Mi-8, despite the year of release — 1965, still popular in a dozen varieties. Machines are used from Africa to the far North and work in any climatic conditions.


Total produced more than 17 thousand copies is the most massive twin-engined unit. The title of «world’s best helicopter» Mi-8 was well-deserved — more than 30 of its variants, both military and civilian, sold out like hotcakes around the world. New modification — Mi-17 after 1997 took the baton of the leader.

Mi-8 is used everywhere: agriculture, liquidation of accidents and passenger (up to 28 people). As combat vehicles, Mi-8 also has no equal — the helicopter can perform all the functions in military operations (as a transport, reconnaissance, assault, ambulance helicopter and command). It can carry up to 1.5 tons of weapons with a total carrying capacity of 3 tons.


Competition to the MI-8 is a Black Hawk (Sikorsky UH-60) – the most common military plane.

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