The era of airships can return

the conductor

Airships (or zeppelins) — the air vehicle, popular in the 1900-1930 years of the last century. The development of aviation from the production of airships was abandoned. But now, during the oil crisis, the question of the establishment of the vehicle is less whimsical in service and more profitable to operate, is becoming increasingly important.

In an English city last week was a presentation aircraft Airlander 10 — Association of aircraft and airship in one structure.

The length of this «monster air» — 92 meters, he can perform a non-stop flight for 5 days to raise in the air to 50 tonnes of cargo and move at a speed of 160 km/h, while consuming 60% less fuel than planes.

First Airlander 10 was designed for the needs of the U.S. army. It was assumed that the machine will use for observations «from the air». But due to funding cuts the project was shut down.

The British bought the prototype and continued independent development, aiming to create cost effective machine to use for civilian purposes.

The benefit of using zeppelins in the national economy is obvious: they use less fuel, do not pollute the environment, can carry large loads and they are virtually silent.

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