The easiest schoolbag for a first grader

With the beginning of each academic year there will be a big expense. Familiar? If you have a child of school age, then of course you this sad situation is very similar. Need to buy a large quantity of school supplies, a beautiful shape and, most importantly, a backpack. But where to get a good, comfortable backpack that won’t interfere with your posture and not cause a crushing blow to your budget? The easiest schoolbag should help the student to feel comfortable and on the way to school, and meet all standards applicable to children’s products.

The easiest schoolbag satchel

Pack for first graders Hummingbird K series

Models that meet these requirements are quite common and popular today. First in the list of such models — Hummingbird series K. This model is popular because of certain advantages of the backpack, namely, orthopedic back, allowing the child to bend at the «mountain of textbooks.

Hummingbird K series for girls

The own weight of the backpack is quite small — just 900 grams, which is a significant advantage. The cost of the Hummingbird series K varies in the region of 4000. A special capacity of this pack is no different, but for the elementary school student is fine. Moreover, he is sewn from waterproof material that allows you to keep dry all the school supplies even a heavy downpour.

This rig is a solid bottom with the legs included is a bag for shoes. There is a choice of colors for both girls and boys. The lightest school bag does not lose its shape over time and refers to the rather cheap models.

Hummingbird K series for boys

HERLITZ Smart – pack for the little ones

The entire line of backpacks the German manufacturer Herlits Smart — very comfortable models that are exactly like your child. And not just because of the boring design, but due to its own weight, allowing you to carry a briefcase everywhere and always.

Perhaps it makes no sense to talk about the orthopedic back that is ventilated, adjustable straps and nice soft material. The backpack is multifunctional and very comfortable. Price ranges from 4500 to 5000 RUB.

HERLITZ Smart La boys

The harness a good solid lock that is easy to open and durable reinforced bottom. Another advantage of the container – reflective strips, the contents will not heat up on a Sunny day. The weight of the school satchel only 850 grams.

Belmil Mini-Fit simplicity and reliability

BelmiL Fit Mini — backpack, which is produced in Serbia. This model is exactly like you and your child, because of numerous advantages. First, this is a bright 3D applique, which gives the backpack a unique style. Secondly, the adjustable straps and comfortable handle. Satchel sewn from waterproof polyester and has an ergonomic hard back.

Belmil Mini-Fit for a first grader

In addition, a wide bottom that gives the child the ability to throw the bag on the floor and in the rain and in the mud notebooks and books definitely not get wet. The easiest schoolbag weighs about 880 grams and is about 4.5 thousand. This model is the perfect combination of simplicity, reliability and affordable prices.

DerDieDas X-Light 900 – not just the jetpack

Lightest pack with content for first graders, this DerDieDas X-Light 900. This model is famous for its lightness and is also very durable material. The quality of the material is admirable. Nice color, beautiful design and, most importantly, does not tear the fabric, can last for many years with quality care. The cost of this backpack — 14,000.

DerDieDas X-Light 900 fill

In addition, bags of this company is equipped with a sports bag and two pencil cases. In one of the canisters has all the necessary first grade stationery. The weight of the container 900 grams.

HAMA Step by Step Light – German quality

The model we consider next, is Hama Step by Step Light. The backpack is just gorgeous and this is no exaggeration. The design is a touch of modernity and good nice color, and everything else, is a convenient model. Easy own weight and compartment for textbooks — a backpack perfect for school perfect. The cost of this backpack from 9000.

HAMA Step by Step Light Germany

All models from this manufacturer are sewn from eco-friendly and durable waterproof materials and have an unpleasant factory smell, which is inherent in cheap imitations. The Creator of this pack has taken care that the child was where to put the Breakfast – special pocket with dermatolgoy the ideal solution for food. Magnetic closure opens and closes perfectly.

SCHNEIDERS Toolbag Soft – a gift from Austria

Schneiders Toolbag Soft — volume backpack, the depth of which is 21L. This backpack has an orthopedic back straps are also adjustable. Modern and unique design with a mixture of various colors will bring pleasure to your child and you will feel good about his posture. With this portfolio he not exactly threatening scoliosis.

CUTTER Toolbag Soft Austria

The price of the backpack varies from 7 to 8 thousand. The harness has a special pocket for the bottle of water and sustainable waterproof bottom on legs. Included is pencil case, bag for spare shoes and the original box for notebooks.

Mc Neill Ergo Light 912 – elite pack

Finally, a very convenient and popular model MC Neil Ergo Light 912. It is made only in Germany, so the quality is always on top. The material of this backpack deserves special attention, high quality and hypoallergenic. The weight of the backpack — 850 gr, as you can see is very easy. Special patented system allows you to take pressure off the baby’s spine by 30%.

Mc Neill Ergo Light 912 with the filling

Everything else has roomy pockets that will allow the child to wear different desired things besides studying. Thus, this is a great backpack for going to school, that combines all the best features of backpacks for first graders. Its price is approximately 21000. Of course, not cheap, but a quality item and should not cost you a penny. Besides, the set includes two boxes, a bag of shoes and stationery.

Mc Neill Ergo Light 912 Germany

The choice of backpacks are quite enormous and among them you can find what you like for your child, you, and most importantly will fit the family budget. In this case, all species are presented backpacks take into account the load on the back of the child and therefore are made from quality material plus with orthopedic back support. As a result, your child will not SAG under the weight of textbooks, risking their health. The easiest schoolbag will make learning easy and enjoyable adventure and delight little schoolboy.

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