The easiest language in the world to explore

In this age of globalization, it is no surprise travel to different countries and work in international companies. Increasingly, people have to learn different foreign languages, but not all of them mastered with equal ease. So what is the easiest language in the world?

The easiest language in the world

What affects the rate of language learning?

The ease of learning foreign languages depends on many factors. First, different people may have different thinking, which some languages they will be easier, others more difficult. Second, much depends on the age: children learn language easier than adults, especially if the teaching is in the form of a game.

Learning the alphabet

Thirdly, the effect of what language is native, because related languages to learn is always easier. Fourth, those who already know two or three languages, the new easier to learn. In addition, the speed of language acquisition is also influenced by the purpose for which it is done: the more serious the more the motivation, effort and, consequently, success.

The difficulty levels of languages

Some linguists divide the languages into five groups by level of complexity for Russian-speaking person in the first group are the easiest to study and the fifth most complex.

The first group includes the languages of the Slavic peoples and artificially created Esperanto. It should be clarified that for easier studying Polish and Slovak is better first to learn Czech.

The second group includes Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian and Latvian. In the third — the romance languages, which were not included in the second group, i.e. French, English, Dutch, Yiddish and others. Surprisingly, most often given easier English after French, and not Vice versa. Yiddish is easier going after the German and Slavic languages and doesn’t seem so complicated.


The fourth group consists of the Germanic languages, Hebrew, Greek, and Indo-Iranian languages. In the fifth were all the other languages that exist in the world. It is believed that the Hebrew and Persian are easier after learning Arabic, and Chinese facilitates the development of the Japanese and Korean languages.

The process of learning

With this division not everyone agrees, there are scientists and professors who believe that any language can be mastered quite easily if the right to approach him. First of all it is recommended to learn the alphabet and read the rules, then basic words and phrases often used in conversation, and after that take on grammar and vocabulary practices.

The most popular languages of the world

If you analyze data from multiple sources, you will notice that most often the easiest language in the world to study, including English, Italian, Spanish, French and German. Sometimes they are joined by Finnish.

Why is English easy to learn?

English entered into the five of the easiest languages in the first place due to its prevalence, still knows almost half of the world. English published a lot of literature, it is spoken by characters in many films, if you watch them in the original, English written many technical documents, it is the basis of most programming languages.

Learning English

It can be easy because it has few long words, moreover, its formation was influenced by many other European languages such as Latin, French, Dutch, therefore, it is intuitively close to many Europeans. The complexity present only the times and irregular verbs.

A good language to learn easily

Italian can be even simpler than English because it sounds beautiful and is easily recognized by the ear Russian-speaking person. Practically not have to make efforts in order to develop a correct pronunciation. It will be close and the fact that it is such a thing as a genus, is absent in many other languages, and there is no case that makes it easier to learn grammar rules.

Learning Spanish

Those who have studied Spanish, note that it can be even more melodic and fun than the Italian, so he has a pronunciation. The Spaniards are very emotional, and it sometimes helps to understand their language. He’s also not too difficult grammar and spelling, for example, it is read as well as written. In his study could help the fact that he is one of the most common, and therefore, there is a lot of literature, movies, music and instructional materials that can be used.

The factor of popularity in language learning

French may deter exotic to the Russian ear sounds, however they should not be frightened when learning this language it may not be so terrible. Know English will find there are many familiar words, and spelling can be mastered even by yourself. To help understand the language can beautiful French songs and romance of France, it is said that French for love, he perfectly expresses the feelings.

Learn French

German is one of the most logical languages, it is used in many business negotiations. Due to the fact that it is very common in Europe, there are many good techniques for its rapid development. German well is given to people with a mathematical turn of mind owing to the exact order of words in sentences.

Language Suomi

Finnish is the easiest language in the world to explore thanks to the free order of words in a sentence and not a difficult pronunciation, which will easily master the Russian-speaking people. Opinion is not the most popular, however, once it exists, it is the truth.

Finnish is the easiest

Summing up, one can notice that Russian-speaking person in principle can be much easier to learn other languages because Russian is considered one of the most complex, and if so, then someone else’s grammar will not seem so overwhelming. And for each person the question – what is the easiest language in the world is very individual.

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