The dreams which we see everything, and their interpretation

Most of the things or phenomena accounted for in the dream to see, for example, a house, water etc. Some dreams can be interpreted clearly, while others must be interpreted on the basis of a certain situation. I would like to elaborate on the ten dreams that I ever seen in my life everyone, and tell about their true value.

1. Flights in a dream

Flights in a dream

Regardless with wings you fly or not, these dreams show the freedom and complete satisfaction. But at the same time, the problems that await you in flight, often say that in front of you is an obstacle, usually is a person that bothers you, or the fear of committing some kind of step or success.

2. Dreams of an erotic nature

Dreams of an erotic nature

Dreams of this nature have most people, so they should not be afraid and quicker to take for granted. These dreams are often nothing more than a fantasy. But at the same time, these dreams may show excessive anxiety or uncertainty before you start a relationship. It also says that you should loosen some of the restrictions and to get rid of uncertainty about your future.

3. Walking naked in a dream

Walking naked in a dream

Quite often, many people dreamed that they were naked in a public place. Often such a dream indicates a lot of problems, but they can be identified only after analyzing your reaction. If you are confused by the fact that you are naked in a public place, it means that you’re hiding something, it is possible not only from others but from yourself. Trying to achieve the adoption you are in some team or others. Perhaps you have is fear of the environment in which you now are. If you dream you see that you are naked at school Desk, it says that you are prepared and unprepared to make a decision and also feel the danger. But if you care about their nudity, it shows your openness, freedom and fairness.

4. Drop


Dreams in which a person falls often indicate instability, a flutter of anxiety or the inability to control any situation. Sigmund Freud assumed that people who have these dreams, and feels the disharmony in the soul.

5. Exam


Such dreams represent the fear associated with not very pleasant experience. Most often, these dreams due to lack of confidence.

6. Pursuit in the dream

Pursuit in the dream

Dreams where you are being followed, often dream because of fear before any threat of physical, as well as a tense situation. How do you behave in the dream is a reflection of your actions in relation to the real issues. Often such dreams reflect feelings of anger, jealousy and fear. If the Stalker is you, then it suggests that you are far from your aspirations. Attack on you after a long chase, often speaks of the fear of violence and also shows your weaknesses.

7. Car or plane crash

Car or plane crash

Dreams of this kind reveal the fear the path that you have chosen. Usually these dreams are saying that we should wait a bit, to think of the chosen path from the outset and to decide, whether you choose the path where you want to go.

8. Death in a dream

Death in a dream

These dreams show that you are waiting for change. Dying in these dreams means the transition to a new or lack of experience in any skill or edge, which is necessary for changing circumstances. These dreams may also reflect your desire to evade responsibility or the need to release.

9. Hit in the dream, trapped

Hit in the dream, trapped

Getting trapped or the feeling that you are lost — symbolizes restraint and any restrictions that may apply to both your health and personal relationships or even your career. It also shows that it is time to let go of the past and to get rid of what does not allow you to grow spiritually.

10. Burglary or robbery

Burglary or robbery

If in the dream your house break in or Rob you — it speaks to the latent feeling of helplessness that your personal space has been violated or someone broke into it against your will. These dreams usually dreams after an experience that caused injury, sudden life changes or any problems in the relationship. These dreams often indicate that you need to slow down, to adapt to circumstances and cope with emotions.

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