The dirtiest sea in the world

Products of human activity can be found in any corner of our planet. Unfortunately, these traces are very often dirty, and technological progress with each passing year, increasingly pollutes the environment. Water, air, flora and fauna in recent decades need to be protected from indefatigable human activity. Try to understand what is the dirtiest sea in the world and is there any chance to save water resources for our future generations?

Serazena sea

The Mediterranean sea

It is not strange, but that’s what the sea is one of the most dirty and not because it contains the effluents from industrial production are tourists, here are the most active pests. Plastic bottles, packets of food going to the bottom of the Mediterranean sea and destroy entire schools of tuna and other fish. In addition, wastes accumulate in the seafood, which we then eat.

The Mediterranean coast

Also huge damage to the sea brings and the numerous refineries that discharge their waste directly into the water. The concentration of mercury in the Mediterranean is appalling. However, each year crowds of tourists aim for the coast, and few of them thinks about the purity of the sea. It should be noted that the leaders of European countries do not particularly react to the warnings of environmentalists and not in a hurry to take some emergency measures to rescue the Mediterranean sea.

Dawn on the Mediterranean sea

The Caspian sea

Another «hero» from the list of the dirtiest sea in the world. The whole Caspian sea suffers from oil developments, which cause irreparable harm to not only the water and its inhabitants, but also the nests of birds, which for centuries to settle on the shores of the Caspian sea.

The Caspian sea

The problem is that this sea is not reported to any ocean and a fairly small man-made disaster to turn the Caspian sea into the dead sea. Waste oil enter the water practically without any preliminary treatment and sea is unable to cope with the amount of dirt on your own.

Processing of oil in the Caspian sea

The black sea

Maybe for someone it will be amazing, but the Black sea also ranks in the top ten most polluted seas of the world. A favorite place of recreation for residents of the former Soviet Union is gradually turning into a huge sewage pit, and if you do not take drastic measures for water conservation, a few years down the road for tourists will be closed. Hardly anyone wants to risk their health and long-awaited vacation is to be in a hospital bed with typhoid fever, or some other intestinal infection.

The black sea

Shipping is one of the reasons for this situation. Private owners let out in flight quite serviceable ships, aiming for the huge profit. Diesel fuel, fuel oil oil, leaking from such vessels, poisoning the water and killing marine life.

Shore of the Black sea

Also, the owners of private hotels and boarding houses, trying for immediate profits, do not rush to install water treatment systems in their possessions, and could think of nothing better than to just dump waste in the sea. Most interesting is that none of these pseudo-businessmen comes to mind the idea that they their own hands are destroying the entire infrastructure of the resort and maybe in a few years, the hotels will be left without vacationers who just don’t want to risk your health and swimming in the dirty sea.

The South China sea

This sea is recognized as the most polluted sea of the southern hemisphere. Quickly developing economy of China and Southeast Asia brought about changes in bioresurs. Dirty ports with a huge number of ships, waste water, which fall into the sea water without purification, South China sea sump.

The South China sea

Also contributed to the pollution of the crowds of tourists, who are attracted by low cost holiday on these shores and the locals have to clean up piles of garbage on the beaches, leaving behind vacationers. Tourist hotels are not equipped with appropriate wastewater treatment, and each year is clean the sea is stronger is one of the first places in the ranking of the dirty seas.

Resorts of the South China sea

No body of water on the planet was not originally dirty and only person responsible for the damage that daily deals the ecology of the seas, rivers and lakes. Maybe it’s time to stop and think – what if clean water on earth will not?

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