The device fiber-optic networks

More recently, the company «Rostelecom» has shed light on the latest PON technology is conquering the market of digital television, telephony and world wide web. We decided to share with our readers this information, because often when a person accesses the Internet service provider to connect the PON technology, he has no idea what to buy.

PON came to us from the West is the abbreviation for passive optical network. If you go to the current PBX, you can observe how from a single rack serviced by more than one thousand clients. All this is possible thanks PON, allowing you to transmit data using light. Optical radiation whose parameters are changed in accordance with the transmitted information, and does not require any additional devices and has a wide range of up to 20 kilometers, which significantly exceeds the capabilities of electric. The access node PON are divided into a frame main map and linear cost.


If you thought that the optical fiber laid solid wire, then you are wrong! At a certain point the line signal is split using passive optical divider – dispenser that can turn one optical fiber into several.

Modern PBX

Before entering in the apartment, Internet or TV must go through several steps. In the basement junction coupling, it is cable that has more than one hundred optical fibers, divided by the number needed in a house, the rest goes on. These complex operations only. From the basement of the fiber comes into the dispenser and then into a junction box in the room.


The ends of the fibers (with divider and apartments) are connected by special welding. It is conducted in the clutch, the divider and the box, after which the patch cord is connected to the subscriber tenderized port.

In these boxes the cable stretch to the apartment, where the optical fiber placed in the optical socket (sometimes it replaces the long box or magazine of optical terminal) and close. For the convenience of installation of equipment is carried out close to the aperture with the optics to reduce the prevalence of cable in the room. Why? To reduce the risk of breakage of the wire, which is characterized by subtlety, a particular sensitivity and fragility.


    The technician then passes a termination optical fiber in the house of the subscriber and completes the installation of opticonnect. Here he need special tools:
  • Optical power meter;
  • Fiber cleaver optical fiber;
  • Stripper;
  • Special scissors.

Then the most interesting! Despite the fact that fiber is already in place, until it operates. To get started, we need some steps. At fiber wear plus opticonnect, then make up pieces of fiberglass in a special container.

The stripper is removed from the upper insulating layer and marks the point, which is considered the end of the Stripping fiber. Then using the same stripper make an incision and remove the secondary cover and the primary buffer.

The fiber is cleaned with an alcohol pad, lint-free cloth and produce a chip on the spetspribor. And then the work begins, worthy of a jeweler: it is necessary to fix the optical fiber in the small hole of the connector.


The finished connector is installed in the optical socket, which is the beginning of the connection of the subscriber. And, the last stage is connected to the PON system!

Run up additional services, such as Wi-Fi connection, and then using the test laptop, the wizard configures the access to the Internet. Followed by a demonstration to the subscriber.


Then it is the turn of the telephony connection, it should be noted here that until the optical terminal you can connect only one telephone.

At the end of the wizard attaches a unique service of the company «Rostelecom» — Interactive television. The first switch requires that you enter credentials consoles.

If you came to the wizard and after the installation didn’t tell you about the main functions, you can safely complain, it’s part of his duties. The expert should explain the operation of the remote, though, and duplicating the functions of stationary remote control (turn on and off the TV, reduce or increase the volume, etc.), but is a completely different device.

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