The deepest river in Africa

For many people the word «river» is associated with a soft blue ribbon that flows at the edge of the village. For some it is cool and gruff, clad in stone Bank the city worker that takes all the sewage and garbage of the city. For someone calm, with gently sloping banks of the river – the perfect place for a picnic and barbecue. In fact, many rivers do such, but most people forget that they’re Dating.

Take, for example, a dry continent: Africa. The vast desert, where a drop of water is worth its weight in gold, because just a short distance runs the deepest river in Africa – Congo. It is the second full-flowing river in the world.

The Congo River

The river flows in the heart of Africa. View of the Congo is wild and mysterious, and its history full of mysteries. The impression is that the river collected all the power of a fantastic nature. The river stretches for 4667 km in length, it flows into the ocean 42450 m3 of water every second, she’s second only to the Amazon river. Originates from the Congo river in the savannas of Zambia, settlement Mumena located on a one-mile altitude. In the upper course flows through narrow gorges, forming rapids and even waterfalls. The name of the river associated with the former mouth of the river government.

Long, flowing through the territory of Zambia, the river appears to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. On the territory of the Republic it connects with the river Lualaba and after 800 km reaches of the forests of Central Africa. Through 1600 km to the North of the Congo for the first time crosses the equator, and then returns to the Western side, describing in the territory of the Republic of the Congo, a huge arc, and then back again, only this time in the South side. In this direction, the river again crosses the equator, but in opposite direction.


The Congo flows through the most impassable jungle in the world. The trees are located at a height of 60 meters, and their roots are in constant gloom. Below, in dense thickets, where can not go, no living man is a living hell. In these places live the most dangerous animals – crocodiles, venomous snakes and constrictors, poisonous spiders and ants. Here man exposes himself to malaria, schistosomiasis and even in some more severe disease.

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