The deepest mine in the world

Coal mines not in vain is considered a very dangerous place to work. But thanks to the courageous miners who every day are working deep underground, our homes have heat. The deepest mine in the world will not guarantee safe working conditions of miners and annually there are accidents that claim lives.

The deepest mine in the world

Mine «Komsomolskaya», Russia

This mine is located about 11 kilometers from Vorkuta, and its depth is 1 100 meters. The construction of «Komsomolskaya ended in 1976 and currently is the second largest mine of the Pechora coal basin. This is one of the deepest mines throughout Russia.

Mine Komsomolskaya

But despite the difficult working conditions, the mine operates with great efficiency and according to the estimates of geological exploration, coal will last until 2018. Mine management is doing everything possible to provide comfortable working conditions and safety of miners working on it.

Shakhta im. V. M. Bazhanova, Makiyivka, Ukraine

The deepest mine is located in the North-East of Makiivka, the work it conducted at a depth of 1 200 metres. It is the only enterprise in Donetsk region, which is listed in the encyclopedia Britannica. For 50 years the mine workers produced about 60 million tons of coal.

Mine named after Bazhanov

During the operation of the mine it has so many times before the accident: a methane explosion, coal and gas, the collapse of the copra. As a result of these accidents killed about 50 people, and a few dozen miners received injuries of varying severity.

The mine named after academician skochinskiy in Donetsk, Ukraine

The first design work was started in 1959, and only in 1975, the mine started to give the first coal. The depth of this Donetsk mine 1 200-1400 meters, and it had to completely replace the older plants, built before the war, and has exhausted its resources. The mine was named after A. A. Skochinsky, who was a great scholar and academician in the field of occupational safety.

Mine skochinskiy

Ironically, the mine bearing the name of the person who engaged in the protection and safety of labour, since 1992 began to happen crash one after another. Among all Ukrainian mines, this enterprise took the most human lives.

The Mine «Progress», Torez

One of the deep mines of the Donbass coal basin is the mine «Progress». Its depth is 1 340 meters. Here coal is high quality anthracite. Today is part of the enterprise «torezantratsit», although the first work was carried out in these places in the 70-ies of the last century. Then this shaft was the deepest in Europe. Working conditions at this mine are among the safest in the Donbass.

Mine Progres

Mine «Guards, Krivoy Rog

The first work on the extraction of iron ore began in the 19th century. First, the rich deposits of ore was mined virtually by hand, as it was under a small layer of sediment. The first underground work began in 1907, but during the Civil war the mine was completely destroyed.

Mine Guards

Today, the depth of the «Guards» — 1 430 meters. Among all the mines of the Krivbass this enterprise is the most powerful and according to the estimates of geologists of iron ore will last for another approximately 40 years.

Mine Mponeng, COUPLES

A mine where the real gold is mined, is located near Johannesburg. Its depth is about 3,800 meters, but the owners of the mine claim that their plans include further deepening. In 2002, in the depths of this mine was discovered a strain of extremophile, which supported their livelihoods through radioactive ore.

Mine Mponeng

The conditions in this mine is far from perfect, despite the fact that people obtain the most valuable and expensive metal. This is due to the fact that the owners of the mine do not hurry to invest money in the modernization of the enterprise.

Western mine deep-lying, COUPLES

Another place where the yellow metal is mined. The shaft 3 800 meters, the temperature at the bottom reaches 60 degrees. This place is considered one of the most dangerous in South Africa and here most often people are dying. But as in South Africa, problems with the work, the local people are even ready to risk his life to feed his family.

Western deep mine occurrence

«Witwatersrand» — the Ridge of white water, STEAM

In the Republic of South Africa, near Johannesburg, is another gold mine. Almost 4.5 kilometers beneath the earth — this is the place where people work. The mines of South Africa, which mined gold recognized in the world is very dangerous, but this fact does not affect the improvement of conditions of workers, because owners of such enterprises – the most important thing is profit. And the place of the dead workers, will always be willing.

Mine in PAIRS

«Tau Tona», South Africa

So many riches in the bowels of the earth of this Republic cannot boast of any world power. More than half of all gold ore mined in South Africa. The mine «Tau Tona» is the deepest mine in the world (over 4,500 km). 100 percent humidity and high temperature are the conditions in which to work the company’s employees.

Mine Tau-Tone

Mine management promises every worker the opportunity to buy housing, which provides the company hired miners. However, it will have to work the mines for at least 25 years.

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