The deepest metro station in the world

Compared to the whole era of human life on earth, we live in an amazing time. Today nobody would be surprised nor car, nor a plane or even a rocket. The days when from one end of town to another was to walk, a thing of the past. The population of cities is huge, most families have a car, it often happens that not one. On the roads of major cities to travel from point A to point B becomes extremely difficult. Before urban planners have the task you need to reduce the time spent on travel from home to work, from one institution to another or to visit friends. There is a problem that must be solved, and the solution was found – underground.

Now many, leaving home, leave the iron horse in the garage doors, and headed straight towards the nearest subway station. This is a convenient and quick way of moving. Thousands of people ride the subway every day – they are sure that they will arrive at their destination accurately and on time. Underground trains go on schedule – their movement is not dependent on the weather, no traffic jams.

How to build a subway?

Usually metro stations are located underground – to build them using specially dug tunnels. The depth at which laid branch line, generally in the range of 10 meters. But it also happens that the builders have to work in much greater depth. Did you know that in order to visit the deepest metro station you have to be under a layer of soil over 100 meters?


And now let’s talk about how designers and builders could make it so that people under the ground, did not feel discomfort. In the subway construction designers try to make the space stations were as light and airy. Also, designers do not skimp on bold imagination and innovative solutions. Subway located in many developed countries – USA, Spain, Germany, China, Sweden, Russia and many others.

So different underground.

In London is metro veteran. Back in 1863, was launched the first branch with a length of 6 km In those years used animal traction, and now it’s the most expensive subway in the world.

London underground

The cheapest ticket in Pyongyang. Here the fare is about 3 us cents. The shortest subway in the world located in Russia, in Kazan. Its length is about 7 kilometers.

The deepest metro station in the world.

But the deepest metro station in the world is located in Ukraine. In the city of Kiev metro station «Arsenal». In the deepest part, above the passengers is a layer of soil with a thickness of 105 meters. By the way, I must say that about the depth of this station is debatable – technically it is located under the hill, and not go so deep down into the earth. Located on the svyatoshinsko-Brovarsky line, every day this station transmits through the 25 thousand people per day.

Station Arsenalnaya

On the surface passengers makes trehlistnyj double escalator. This is the only exit will lead you to the Arsenal area, where you can get on the street of Ivan Mazepa, Mykhailo Hrushevsky in Moscow. The decor of the walls used cast aluminium, stylized bronze, white and pink marble. Waiting for the train to pass the time, sitting on a marble bench.

The deepest metro station in Russia.

I would like to mention another station, which may be a worthy competitor to the deepest metro station in the world is the metro station «Admiralteiskaya», located in St. Petersburg. She was commissioned in late 2011.

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