The deepest metro station in Saint Petersburg

Feature the St. Petersburg metro is its depth. He is in the TOP of the deepest metros in the world. It is not surprising, as the city stands on the floaters and marshy soils. So, when they built the deepest metro station in Saint Petersburg, Admiralteyskaya, had to use sophisticated technology, analogues of which are not yet in the world.

metro in St. Petersburg

The history of subway construction in the Northern capital

The first mention of the construction of the subway in this city belong to the second half of the nineteenth century. At the same time scientists began work on his project, but all attempts were stopped by the complex geological conditions, too high groundwater levels and lack of financial resources.

This topic is returned only in 1938, when there were opportunities and Finance for this project. By the spring of 1941, the builders erected the shafts 34. But to continue further construction was prevented by the outbreak of June 22, the war. So soon, everything is built, the tunnels were flooded by rising groundwater. And only in 1946 restoration work began.

the construction of the subway

The first metro station in Saint Petersburg

Almost ten years were needed for the builders to finish building and put into operation the first subway line. It happened in November 1955. At that time there were only 7 metro stations:

  • Vladimir;
  • Narva;
  • Baltic;
  • Avtovo;
  • The area of the rebellion;
  • Institute of technology;
  • Kirovsky Zavod.


Scheme and characteristics of the underground

Similarly with Russian Railways, the gauge is in the metro of St. Petersburg is 1520 mm. there were built 6 hubs that connect to 2 stations and 1 brings together 3 of the station.

There are currently 856 turnstiles, 72 and 251 of the lobby escalator. Rolling stock consists of 1534 coaches. Just a day underground passes 3106 trains which move with a velocity of 50 to 90 km/h. The headway is 2 minutes, and in most busiest hours 1 minute.

metro map of Saint Petersburg

Interesting facts about St. Petersburg metro

Most of the stations in the subway of St. Petersburg is located at a depth of over 30 meters. So it is recognized as one of the deepest in the world.

Until 1982 it was the northernmost subway in the world. Today, this title was transferred to the Metropolitan city of Helsinki.

The deepest station in Russia and one of the deepest in the world, is the station «Admiralty».

Station «Prospect veterans» is the busiest in the country.

On the Kirovsko-Vyborgskaya (red) line trains with 8 cars at a time, as in all the other lines – with 6 cars.

metro in St. Petersburg

The deepest station

The deepest in the city there is a metro station «Admiralteiskaya». She is 65 in a row and was opened 28 December 2011. While talking about its necessity was conducted with the 60-ies of the last century.

Admiralteyskaya station, St. Petersburg with murals of mosaics, the subjects of which are devoted to the formation of the Russian Navy since Peter I. the lobby of the station located in the center of the Northern capital, in the house at the intersection of Malaya Morskaya street and Kirpichny lane.

The back of the station record is 102 meters. Daily through it passes more than 30 thousand people.

The deepest metro station in Saint Petersburg

We have had to face during construction

From the beginning of construction of the station «Admiralty» in 1997, she was constantly plagued with failures. In 1999 took her to the «stations of the Ghost» due to the unavailability of passengers. This was due to the fact that I had to choose a place for the ground lobby as it is located in the historical part of the city.

the lobby

And only in 2009 it was decided to demolish the residential building at the alley Tsigelny, which planned to build an office building, in which were harmoniously fit in the lobby of the station. But here the obstacle was the reluctance of owners of privatised apartments of the house to go from the very center of the city. Therefore, the construction of the deepest station and was delayed for 15 years.

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