The deepest cave in the world

Any caver-extreme can easily answer the question of where is the deepest cave in the world — on the border of Abkhazia and Russia, where the Gagra range. When they found her, no one could not imagine how deep this cave, the entrance to which is located at an altitude of 2240 meters above sea level. More than half a century since its opening, which occurred in the 60-ies of the last century, the cave beckons explorers from around the world.

Research cave


This cave, like many others, is in no hurry to reveal its secrets, enticing with its mystery, and suspense. For the very first time cavers managed to descend to the cave at 95 meters, a few decades later, had made several attempts to descend into the depths. Cavers from Kiev managed to go down to 340 meters. A year before the onset of the new Millennium, the scientists took a new mark of 700 metres. A year later, the cavers went down to fourteen hundred meters, and a year later managed to reach a record high of 1710 meters! This slope is allowed to capture the cave is named Krubera-Voronya, as the deepest cave in the world.


But there they are not calmed down and continued research, according to data obtained in 2012, tested the depth of the cave — 2 km 196 meters. Each descent into the depths of the cave opens an all-new mystery — all we know about this Abkhazian cave, the merit of several generations of speleologists.

the lights in the cave

It is worth noting that each subsequent deeper dive becoming more dangerous and more difficult — the researchers have to overcome steep walls, and the cave is an almost vertical huge pit and a flooded space.

The companions of the cave

The deepest cave in the world is not very attractive to live in town, nor any animals or vegetation in a cave not to meet. The climate here is very severe — if the inlet temperature is on the surface, when you dive it first decreases and then increases. In an atmosphere of high humidity 90-100%, feel at ease only mold, mosquitoes, spiders, and Scorpions.


The cave Krubera-Voronya is famous for its streams, underground rivers, lakes and waterfalls. The water of this cave nourish the river Reproa. This vosemnadtsatimetrovoy river powerful stream bursts forth from the ground to give their content the Black sea. This is the shortest river in the world.

The structure of the caves

Each new immersion has allowed to reveal new data on the cave, it was found that Krubera-Voronya is divided into two parts — the Main and Nicobarese. Moreover, the basic branching, later divided several times. According to the data obtained a few years ago, the total length of the cave is more than ten miles.

The descent

The deepest cave in the world belongs to the karst caves, that they are characterized by great length and great depth. These caves are formed due to the fact that water erodes rock. They are usually located in areas rich in chalk deposits, limestone, marble, salt, dolomite and gypsum.


The entrance to the cave is located in Urochishche Orto-Balagan at an altitude of 2 km, 240 metres above the height of the sea. From the entrance, the well goes down three hundred and forty meters deep, where begins a narrow impenetrable cleft that drains the water flow. After 250 meters, it is divided into two main branches. Nicobarica is in the North-West, 400 meters turns into a vertical well, occasionally intersected galleries and raids. Its total length about eight hundred meters.


The main through the 1400 metres distance of the well began to split up into many small branches, which are periodically flooded. The depth of this thread more than two thousand one hundred meters.

The mystery of the name

First name the cave got in the sixties of the last century, when it was opened. Called her Krubera, in honor of the physical-geographer Alexander Alexandrovich of Krubera. Eight years ago, researchers from Kransoyarsk called the Siberian cave. A long fifteen years the cave has stood in limbo, while the Kiev cavers had not resumed the study of the cave. They called the cave of crows. The name the cave got because of a misunderstanding, the researchers decided that the entrance to the cave, circling crows, gnezdovsky nearby. Subsequently, it was found that crows are not ravens, and mountain jackdaws, but the name the Crows have already managed to settle down.

The Georgian-Abkhazian war made further study of the cave impossible research work continued in 1999. Until 2012 the cave was the most active way. In expeditions take part cavers in many countries.

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