The cutest breed of dog

Softness between cat and dog rudeness they are a small lapdog, the infinite source of tenderness and smiles. Dogs are bred not to work and to love: their main task is to please their owners and win prizes at exhibitions.


One of the main characters all touching youtube video — Pomeranian, known for his ability to produce funny sounds and making faces direct. The outside of the property several times increase of the produced effect: Spitz consists of clouds of fluffy wool and is similar to a harmless Teddy bear. Hence the names of the varieties of rocks — the «bear,» «doll» and «Fox». The cutest breed of dog often known for their timidity, but Spitz is nothing to do with along with a cheerful disposition, he is characterized by courage and liveliness.


The same can be said about the American eskimo, which is considered a separate breed. Despite the external umilitelny, it can also be a sensitive caretaker and conduct search operations. An important feature of the American Spitz that he is suspicious of strangers, making it a good guard dog, but this trait of his character should not go into nervousness and aggressiveness — that is, it requires strict training and behaviour.

Japanese chin

Japanese chinJapanese chin

This is a small dog of Japanese origin is remembered widely spaced round eyes and snub nose. They are funny and kind, but at the same time able to stand up for the owner. Their fur is pleasant to the touch, like pure silk. The Japanese chin (also found the name «Japanese Spaniel») is relaxed and unpretentious, which makes it a perfect option for living in a city apartment. But the character of the hin is not without nuance — he can be Moody and jealous.

Rabbit Dachshund

Cronaca DachshundRabbit Dachshund

Tiny rabbit Dachshund can be a wonderful friend if you put a lot of effort into her education. This dog is headstrong by nature aggressive and hyperactive, but sensitive behaviour becomes intelligent, attentive to children and sociable. However, if you let this little Dachshund on the course, it will be clever, arrogant, evil and will take a lot of problems. A distinctive feature of any transfer fees — expressed a penchant for hunting and the protection of the owners, sometimes even from the imaginary threat.



And this breed has some notable flaws, both external and internal. She is friendly, including towards children, is always happy to play with humans. Externally, the Maltese is a concentrate of tenderness and light: a blinding white coat and infinitely cute smiley face with huge gentle eyes delight the owner every moment of life together. To mention is the high sensitivity of this nature that requires a gentle and kind attitude.



Chihuahua — private guest on the red carpet, because this breed is so fond of celebrities. This is one of the most compact dogs and also one of the most dedicated. With large expressive eyes cute character of her tough, often stubborn and short-tempered. And irritability this dog is inherited, so if you decide to get a Chihuahua, you should look at the behavior of parents. The good news is that with persistent training to the good behavior of this breed can be controlled.

The Brussels Griffon

The Brussels GriffonThe Brussels Griffon

Smartest small dog with a big kind eyes. This is another breed similar to a soft plush toy that is able to build a variety of beautiful faces. Of the shortcomings — a stubborn nature. But for this breed is characterized by a love of children and good-natured attitude to strangers. Although if a stranger becomes aggressive, the Griffon ceases to be kind and stands up for his man.



The breed is recognizable thanks to a fun disproportionately huge ears and a joyful kind eyes. By the way, his ears identified the name of the breed: they look like the wings of a butterfly (French for butterfly — «Papillon»). Papillon in old age retains the character of an active kitten who loves to have fun and run around the house. And yet, this species destroys the myth of intellectual ability small indoor dogs: cute Eeyore is in the top ten most intelligent dogs, and this is among all breeds, not just decorative.

Service dogs for decorative purposes

There are several breeds that have been bred not as decorative, but for the service, but have increasingly led not to work, and for aesthetic pleasure. For example, husky — sled breed of ancient origin, but, however, she is very gentle and playful. Therefore, in urban conditions these dogs are kept as decorative companions. Husky looks at the world magic hypnotizing look and pleased with the unusual playful character. Compared with the typical representatives of the ornamental breeds, the Siberian husky can withstand the cold and loves physical activity. If the turbulent energy of this dog finds no way, behaviour becomes aggressive and difficult to control.


Another example is the Golden Retriever, honored on the list of the most friendly dogs. They are willing to be friends with everyone: adults, older people, children, other dogs and other animals, even cats. It is extremely kind and not vindictive dog who is crazy happy to have one addressed to her smile. Chow, due to the characteristic appearance known as the bear-dog, too, at first bred for hunting, protection and transportation, but today starts as a home favorite. The nature of this dog hasn’t lost any of their official qualities, you should pay great attention to its owner: the Chow Chow is wary of strangers, immediately taking a defensive stance. And in this category may include not only the house, but its inhabitants: the dog chooses one master. She also has some kind of detachment, like a cat: Chow Chow not ready around the clock to play and to chat, and often spends time alone.

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