The crisis of family relations. How to keep a family in a difficult period

Family crises and conflicts

Crises in the family are divided into several stages.

  • The first stage, when after the marriage takes place at least 3 years. During this period, families often a child is born, anxiety and plans for the future of life disturb young parents, and the voltage increases. The relationship becomes passionate, quarrels are pronounced, the spouses do not go each other on concessions. In order to establish family harmony, you need to remember that love is the main force in the relations between a man and a woman, and the main thing – to stop in time and to mold hastily.
  • The second stage occurs after 9-10 years, when children grow up, and catches up with their transition to adulthood. Parents in this period is very sensitive, overreacting to problems in the education of his child, so all the attention goes to him. Without noticing, the couple begin to drift apart from each other, and here and the circumstances are such that about 10 years ago I had certain dreams and plans, but now everything went wrong: the «work-home, home-work». Someone the plan was to go on vacation, and then you have to pay for the child’s education. All these factors have a negative impact on relationships. A couple should try to discuss family problems together, calm, moderate tone, to weigh all the pros and cons and find the right solution.

Why there are crises in the family

  • The third stage occurs after 18-20 years, when the children leave their families to independent living. The attention was focused on the education of children goes by the wayside. And each spouse is immersed in themselves and in their work. Home life became commonplace. Emptiness and boredom puts pressure on each spouse. Relations could evaporate in the case when the couple does not know what to talk to each other, common interests are shared, and intimate life has lost its fervor. This crisis may come in parallel with the crisis of middle age, and therefore, in this period of infidelity is a frequent phenomenon. The most radical method to build relationships is to change the familiar surroundings, for example to go on vacation, which was planned several years ago to make repairs in the house, to move to another town or city, to begin to pursue gardening, etc.

That’s all the steps that can make your family harmony some kind of disorder. We must remember that the crisis in families is quite common, it is very important to show love and respect to each other, and then the critical period can be avoided.

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