The coldest country in the world

Probably everyone to the question «Where is the coldest place on Earth?» ‘ll answer that in Antarctica. On the continent the winter temperature can be even minus 90 degrees. What is the coldest country in the world? And while in some Russian regions, winter is extremely harsh, after all, despite prevailing in the West does not view Russia is to be considered the country with the most severe winters, although the three leaders it is included.

1 United States (AK)

Alaska (USA)

The leader among the coldest countries in the world USA has Alaska, where nine months is kept to low temperature (temperatures reach minus 62 degrees). But not only too low temperature makes Alaska a very cold – extra «frigidity» have strong winds that often rage here. It is present in Alaska one of the coldest mountain peaks – McKinley (also called Denali). The average temperature at the top is minus 40 degrees.

2 Canada


Canada due to the low temperatures in the winter and is also highly turbulent winds is also rightly called the coldest country in the world. For that she gets second place in this rating. In some regions of the country can be quite a harsh 45-degree frosts. But the average temperature regime is 39 degrees below zero. And the snow falls so much that the snow can be much taller than a man in Quebec snow often is more than 330 cm.

3 Russia


Our country is very large, so it is a different climate zone. 65 percent of Russia’s territory is permafrost (Siberia and the far East). In different regions of Russia in the winter time, there are various temperatures can reach 65 degrees below zero. In Yakutia, for example, local residents constantly feel 55 degrees of frost. But in 1924, Oymyakon even recorded temperature of 71 degrees below zero. According to this value, many are of the opinion that Russia is the coldest country in the world.

4 Greenland


Greenland, which is Autonomous part of Denmark, covering the thick layers of ice. Average temperature here is minus 9 degrees. However, in the warmer months the temperature does not rise above plus 7 degrees. The explanation is quite simple – a thick layer of ice reflects sunlight, which does not allow the sun to heat the country.

5 Estonia


Next in the ranking is Estonia. We cannot say that here the temperature is very low, however, the distinguishing feature of the local climate are drastic weather conditions and temperature changes. The coldest month in Estonia, the «happy» residents temperature, which can range from minus 3 to minus 7 degrees. However, in 1940 in Estonia (jõgeva) thermometers showed a minus of 43 degrees.

6 Finland


This country regularly for 4 months, covered with snow. Mark the lowest temperature is minus 20 degrees. The coldest place here is the Lapland in the winter of 1999 in this region were observed a goodly frost of minus 51 degrees. Despite the cold, this country is rapidly developing and there are many interesting products that can be purchased in the store

7 Kazakhstan


This country is sharp continental climate. Winter snow falls here very little, but because it is very cold in the North of Kazakhstan the average temperature is equal to minus 19 degrees. The coldest cities in Kazakhstan are considered to be the Astana and Pavlodar, most often in the winter are marked in 50-degree frosts.

8 Iceland


It is a country of eternal ice, so in the low areas above zero degrees Celsius, the temperature almost never rises. And in the upper regions of Iceland temperature averages 10 degrees below zero. But once in Iceland was observed even in forty-degree frost.

9 Mongolia


Closes the list of the coldest countries in Mongolia, which is characterized by sharp climate and cold temperatures in the winter. For example, at this time of year in Ulan-Bator (capital of Mongolia) usually the temperature is around minus 25-35 degrees. The lowest temperature values are observed here for the first two winter months. Quite unpleasant and negative natural phenomenon there is frozen rain.

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