The coldest city in the world

Man is a creature that can adapt to life in any environment. And even where almost the entire year dominated by extreme cold, people managed not only to survive but to build their cities. From all the selected places of permanent residence, there is one in which the temperature in winter time of year many of us think, to put it mildly, extremely low. This city received the title of the coldest city in the world.

The Verkhoyansk — the pole of cold


Is it any wonder that this town is no where else but in Siberia. It was named for its location – the Verkhoyansk – in the upper reaches of the Yana river, and is situated at altitude 140 m above sea level in Yakutia. To the administrative center – the city of Batagay – local residents have to travel as much as 92km., and in the cold voluntarily to do it, no one will.

Winter in Verkhoyansk severe. Temperature -400C for window is a common thing. After all, sometimes even lower. In -520life in the town stops, and even schools continue their work. In 1892 here was officially registered minimum temperature in -67,80, which is only 0,010C lower than in the town of Oymyakon. This fact has allowed scientists to give the palm in the nomination «the coldest city in the world» to Verhojansk. However, in fairness, it should be noted that in Ojmjakon in 1924 was recorded frosts in -71,20, but in the official timeline they are not included, and therefore not included in the definition of a city-record holder in the cold.

Verkhoyansk in winter

Summer in Verhojansk is short, but manages to warm (July average is +240C) of its inhabitants. However, even in summer frosts are possible. But the rain here falls a little. So little that part of the Verkhoyansk is considered to be the most dry.

The history of the Foundation

The city appeared on the map of our country in 1638. The founder is the Explorer which Ivanov Gubarev, which was created in a place located in 90 km from modern-day Verkhoyansk, Cossack settlement for the winter. The first people who were living here, was the Cossack nation, as you know, strong and accustomed to harsh conditions.


Later it began to banish objectionable to the Russian authorities political figures. In particular, the poet Vincent Purzycki – member of the Polish uprising of 1863. There were serving sentences of many famous Decembrists, and later revolutionaries. The hope was that independently to get out of here was impossible. The next settlements were located very far away, and the harsh winter frost brushed aside even the thought of escape.

Today here is no force bring. Live in the city, those who voluntarily decided to move, or descendants of the first settlers and convicts. According to 2010, it is home to 1,200 people. Almost all engaged in agriculture: reindeer herding, horse breeding, cattle breeding, fur craft or engaged in the timber business.


Often there are tourists and travelers. To reach Verhojansk is not easy. By plane to Yakutsk, then by air to Batagay, and then the ZIL on a completely broken road and you are in Verhojansk. Life here is its leisurely pace. Good people, responsive, very believers in shamanism and accurately perform all the necessary rituals. Probably, without that to survive in such harsh conditions would be simply impossible.

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