Car charms

The creation of the first cars was quite skeptical welcomed by many ordinary people of the time. However, the first decade of its use revealed considerable hidden potential. Thanks to these metal helpers managed to achieve:

  • to decrease the cost of delivery of goods and passengers;
  • simplifying the process of transportation;
  • increase speed and other things like that.

The industry is not standing still and ready to please people many useful news. You can read here about past and future automotive technology in more detail.

The main directions

There are several main areas in which automotive designers continue to actively advance. Among the most popular are the following:

  • the reduction in fuel consumption;
  • increase reliability and safety of vehicles;
  • the search for new fuels and others.

Interesting auto articles of different content helps to always be aware of new products. It will not only be useful for development, but will also give the opportunity to show off knowledge in the company of friends.

From fantasy to reality

There are a huge variety of projects that may long remain a figment of the imagination of the designer. However, there are those who are ready to capture the imagination of the consumer, but it is a reality.

This category includes flying cars. Some manufacturers have mastered the production of such means of transport. They represent a machine, a complex stock wings and control elements in the air. Quite spacious cabin, high maneuverability on the road is beneficial combined with interesting flight characteristics. These include ease of management, small takeoff and a good range on one filling.

Power several tractors at fuel scooter. Such indicators have some of the engines of supercars. For example, beloved by many brand Porsche is already equipping these units some of its models.

May be of interest to car enthusiasts and automatic control system. Their development and partial implementation already in full swing in the production models. For example, an automatic braking system have a lot of novelties of the European market.

Each year brings numerous innovations and pleasant innovations. It gives the chance to hope for even more awesome features in the very near future.

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