The care of flowers in the summer

Many of the gardeners on the plot there is a special place where all summer there is an extraordinary beauty. Flower garden, a small flowerbed, where there are a variety of flowers and ornamental plants. Flower beds are works of art and, as a rule, it is almost a mandatory part of landscape design garden plot, where each person can be creative and decorate them on your own.

How to care for garden roses

In summer, flower beds are the most striking places of suburban areas. However, as plant health and the appearance of the beds depends on how timely the grower will undertake the care, pruning, watering and weeding. That summer and fall the flowers of joy to its owner you need to invest a lot of energy.

What to do in the garden in June?

In the first of the month when the flowers will no longer threaten frost, are planted in beds of heat-loving annuals and ornamental shrubs such as periwinkle, pansies, Phlox. In June need to focus on irrigation and timely weeding. The most effective will be the weeding by hand without the use of chemicals.

How to care for a flower bed in the summer

Infertile soil is necessary to feed the infusion of mullein, fertilizers containing minerals or bird droppings. Peonies, which scored a lot of buds should be fertilized with superphosphate and be sure to remove the side buds. When gladiolus there is a fourth leaf, they need to fertilize the potassium salt. In June sown plants such as forget-me-nots, carnations, daisies.

In the middle of the month dig up the bulbs of daffodils and tulips, which are then dried, but not in open sunlight, and put it into storage. In the last days of the month the shoots of climbing roses tied to the supports, checking for pests. If you found that flower crops affected by aphids, they DAB the soapy solution. Flowers such as Phlox and delphiniums, fixed on a wooden lattices.

How to care for garden flowers in June

What to do with the colors in July?

In July comes the time to collect the seeds and dig up flower bulbs that have finished flowering. Those plants that just blossomed, must be abundantly watered and fed. Three-year irises are divided and the wound dusted with coal. Put the halves again. Before planting, cut the leaves a little more than half. After flowering hyacinths dug, the bulbs dried and placed in storage until September.

In the first days of the month are fertilizing honeysuckle and clematis complex mineral fertilizers. As soon as Bud peonies, you need to feed them a fertilizer with a high content of potassium. You need to sprinkle it, in not very deep grooves, water and earth throw.

How to care for a flower bed in the garden in July

Many gardeners bred petunias. To make it more saturated, it is necessary to tear off the faded flowers and pinch back the shoots grew. Petunias that grow in hanging pots, should be frequently watered and fed. All of the crops which grow in the flower bed, be sure to regularly inspect and treat against rust, powdery mildew and other diseases. The end of the month you need to trim the roses, grafted them and feed.

Regular work on the beds in August

In August carried out the distribution of most perennial plants and their transplanting. Daffodils are planted in the middle of the month, because they usually have time to grow extensive root system. Dahlias should be fed mineral fertilizers.

What is the need of garden flowers in August

Lilies that grow in the same bed for many years, be sure to transplant. The flower stems are cut by 2/3 and dig. The roots of the bulbs are cut a few inches off dead scales. Before you plant them again, you must handle the bulbs in the manganese solution.

Peonies are divided and transplanted in the middle of the month. In August are sowing seeds of plants such as lupine, daisies, and Echinacea. You must continue to water, weed, process plants from diseases and pests.

Take care of your flowers and they will delight in its beauty.

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