The business of life


The Briton, who has the experience of 4 amputations have posed naked for the advertisement.

To multiple operations, 46-year-old Karina Hutton was a successful businesswoman and active mother. Her fate changed after prolonged pneumonia and early septicemia of the limbs. To save the life the woman had to amputate his legs below the knees and hands.

The amputation could have been avoided if in the blood Bank of Britain would remain suitable for transfusion blood group, but on the day of surgery it was not.

A few days ago billboards depicting Nude Karina Hutton appeared on the streets of London. Photo augmented only images of the muscle tissue and internal organs.

By this action she is trying to draw public attention to the problem of shortage of donor blood. According to Catherine, the voluntary donation of blood under the force. A saved human life and health is priceless.

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