The black man in the world

The greatest race on the planet, which has a black skin color is Negroid. They mostly live in Africa, towards the South of the Sahara. Man this race is called nigger, which translated into Russian language means black. In Russia blacks called mulattos with dark skin. Although in Latin America, where living together blacks and mulattos between them are clear and distinct differences.


The characteristics of the Negroid race:

  • growth can be different;
  • the limb hand and lower leg much elongated;
  • skin color is black, which suggests a high content of melanin;
  • hair curly and dark;
  • body hair is not actually visible, but quickly grow hair on the head and on the face;
  • nostrils broad and flat;
  • eyes dark and large in size;
  • thick lips;
  • there are characteristic signs of prognathism. Jaws are front, and the mandible has no chin protrusion;
  • the trunk is short;
  • the Negro is much developed pelvis and legs;
  • has a short neck;
  • teeth large;
  • the ears are round and set far higher.

A black baby

Local variants of the Negroid race:

  • the Sudanese type. The most common;
  • Central African type. People of this type have a small height and a little lighter skin than the Sudanese;
  • South African type. Also have high growth and a lighter color of the skin;
  • the East African type. Representatives of this species have the highest growth on the planet, broad nose and black skin.

Black people on the planet possess a thick skin, which prevents the penetration of germs and protects against UV exposure. His black skin color, nigger is bound to the higher content of melanin, which is found not only in skin but also in muscles and the brain.


The oldest skull of a Negro was found in Egypt about 36 thousand years ago. It belongs to Nazlet, Hater. This man was pronounced prognathism and low set forehead. The black child born in South Africa in 2015, and he has very dark skin. Many scientists say that this phenomenon is due to the high content of melanin in the body than conventional representative of the Negroid race. In addition to the skin, child has too dark eyes and do not see in the dark. Such extraordinary features has the black man in the world. Photo of the dark child has the opportunity to find and view pages on the Internet, under a unique phenomena.

Skull Nazlat Of Hater

Negros speak languages of their families and groups, but speak good English. In most cases the blacks are characterized by high fertility, which leads to the disruption of the balance between the races. The blacks are not inclined to learn and have the mindset and development is 25 percent lower than other peoples. Negroid unlike other peoples, have the darkest skin. Worldwide, around 17 percent of the population belongs to blacks. The development of black children is faster than in children with light skin. They have motor functions are developed in conjunction with mental abilities, but five years is retarded and the children of the white race surpass them.

The health status of black people

The health status of black people

According to statistics, the life expectancy of blacks is on average 75 years, which is slightly lower than the Americans. Mainly women live five years longer than men. Black people are more prone to obesity and the development of diabetes and high blood pressure. Cancer education blacks develop 10% more than that of the white. The top three causes of death in people blacks included AIDS. The infected by this incurable disease is the highest in America and is seen as an epidemic.


Religion black

Mostly Negros belong to the Protestants. Currently half black people are considered to be parishioners of a historic black churches. This includes Baptists, Pentecostals. Many blacks are Muslims and Christians.

Culture and language

The language and culture of black

Blacks create their music, which has become closely associated with the culture of Americans. Blacks speak English and ebonics. The part of the blacks speak Creole, which has its own unique characteristics of pronunciation of some words. According to the results of research by linguists in the process of mixing the languages of West Africa with English, more than 4,000 African roots.

Problems of social aspect among black people

There are some social problems among blacks:

  • no access to quality education;
  • job offers with low wages;
  • the high level of unemployment;
  • the majority of blacks live on social assistance from the state;
  • persistent problems in the family, lots of divorces, single-parent families;
  • the increased level of crime;
  • a high percentage of the prison population;
  • frequent intake of drugs and alcoholic beverages;
  • a large percentage of AIDS patients;
  • low accessibility of medical services;
  • little life expectancy.


Mostly blacks live in Latin America and Africa. The majority of blacks living in rural areas closer to the southern United States, in the North black people live in cities, and in special designated areas with a low standard of living. Negros work in industries involved in the trade. But more than half of the representatives of dark skin living on social assistance. Living in his district, blacks make a unique formation of certain values, especially in music, food, art. Half of African Americans have their homes below the poverty line is 15% black people. Many even own their own profitable business.


Black people on the planet have a unique skin color that distinguishes them from other races. These people are physically very strong, among them many well-known sportsmen and actors of film and stage. Blacks have a very thick skin and it penetrate through the harmful microorganisms and the sun’s rays. Among blacks there is no cancer of the skin.

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